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Discussion in 'FAQs' started by Noah, Sep 11, 2001.

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    I am a beginning model railroader. My grandfather has been sending me track & etc. but now I want to purchase some more. I haven't been able to find a site that displays Life-Like Power-Loc track. Any links, catalogs to get, or suggestions most welcome. I live in a rural area and have no nearby well stocked
    train store.

    Thank You
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    Power Loc

    Hi Noah! :)

    A BIG Welcome to The Guage. We were all newbies once. I was one six months ago, but you can see how far I have come from the pics I have posted in the Photography etc category. I'm still learning and there is something that you can teach me already! :eek:

    I have heard of Peco and Atlas track and a few other brands, but have not heard of Power Loc track. What is it? Does it have any special features? I use Peco code 75 flextrack and turnouts.

    Perhaps Power Loc track is something they dont have or sell in Australia.

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    Hi, I am using power-loc track as well, and I have good luck with it (but wouldn't model a large layout in it becuase there simply isn't any variety). Anyway, it is fairly good, except for the switches, they derail from time to time. The stuff is literally too expensive to buy new (4 straight sections will cost you over $10 US, whether they are the full or 3" sections, and a terminal rerailer retails for over $4 US). If you are familiar with the online auctions at that is where I have found the best deals on it. Good luck, and let me know what you think of it.
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    Hello Woodie,
    Life-like's Power-loc track is like Atlas EZ track...the rail has plastic roadbed built right into it, and the rails usually don't even touch...the connection is made by metal tabs in the roadbed, so that you don't see many shorts (I have a crossing that is my only short problem, and it is a bad one, I think they painted crap on the track I need to sand off). The track is nice, connects good and stays connected, and I think it looks real for mainline, but has way too much roadbed for use in yards or on industry trackage. I have some pics of mine that I will post on here this afternoon when I have a chance to scan them, if someone will tell me how to post images (is it HTML?). Can someone show me some sample code with a character in it or something so that the code actually displays instead of the pic it links too...
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    sorry, disregard

    Sorry, just found the help for posting images, thanks anyway.
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