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Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by TexDoc, Jan 13, 2008.

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    I went craze and purchased a Topside Creeper. Why you ask? Because some people, determined to show their ignorance build layouts with a back corner or two out of reach unless one can convince Spiderman to become a model railroader, more specifically your hogger. Since I failed in contacting Spiderman, I bought the Topside Creeper. Being successful in making my darling wife believe it was well worth the money, if only to allow me to finish that pesky corner.

    After assembling the monster and wrestling it into the train room (after taking the door off) I raised the ladder, leaned over and hallelujah I was in the corner. Everything was in my reach. Wait! Look at this! Why with a little re-engineering I can add a long passing siding to the outside main. Remove this failed scenery attempt, knock down that small hill and full speed ahead.
    Needless to say, the weekend, in between several interruptions to do small, agonizing tasks for my sweet wife I (1) successfully engineered the needed grade to connect with the main, (2) lay track, and (3) begin new scenery.

    And by the way, my statement was correct. The Topside Creeper was worth every penny if this is the only thing it is used for. Anyone looking for a way to reach the pesky far corner of your layout? There may be a low mileage Topside Creeper for sale real soon.
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    Not a bad idea! Glad it works! I'm guessing you may find 101 uses for it besides the layout.

    For folks unfamiliar with the Topside Creeper here is a link with pics: Topside Creeper


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