Business Names (or, how paper models can get you into trouble)

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    From one of the groups I am a part of:

    Once upon a time, I worked with two guys in a warehouse in Wichita,ks. the first was aburly guy and loved outdoor sports, hunting/fishing/anything that went boom! his last name was "BROWN".
    The second guy was a straight laced wanna be preacher, no cussing around him. his name last was "BROWNING".
    Well i just couldn't let well enough alone, I built a model building for a train show and invited them to come by and see the model that was named after them. They both showed up at the same time as it happened.
    The first guy took one look and started laughing then said, "You'd never see me in there!".
    The other guy just stomped off and never talked to me again!
    What was it i built that shook them up?
    It was a model with two fronts back to back, the first was a cute white church with steeple an stain glass windows, the other end was a warehouse with loading dock and a big sign over it saying, " BROWN & BROWNING" then in smaller print it said " BIBLE & RIFLE CO," "Our motto is if you can't save'em shoot'em!"
    Now you tell me, what did i do so wrong?

  2. kfoncree

    kfoncree Keith

    Excellent idea!!

  3. RocketmanTan

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    hahhahahahahah! wow, that's a good one!
  4. linnamillet

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    hahahahaha. lolllllllllll
  5. KainHarrison

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    Nice! I could almost see where you were going with that before I was finished. I laughed so hard!
  6. Ultanis

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    I laughed so hard, I almost fell out of my chair.
  7. geyrch33

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    It really is hard to pick a unique business name that would embody what your brand is and give a stance with your corporate standpoint.

    There are some companies who do not check with how their business naming pushes through so it really is a burden when you find out that you are already violating some claims for intellectual property.

    That leaves you even further behind that when you began with it.
  8. Dented Rick

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    After I picked myself up off the floor from laughing so hard, I shared this with my friends, hope you don't mind. ROTF!


    No, please do. :)
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    LOL! Good one!
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    I am laughing, aaand now to email round my contacts, my dad will find this very funny
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    LOL nice one!!
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    Sounds like my church ... more Bibles than rifles, but that's only because it's hard to carry more than two rifles ...
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    The potential of this story XD its too clever, nice share and i think its just hilarious!!
  15. wulfric

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    Well some friends of mine, and myself, belong to the SCA a medieval re-creation group. We sell knives, swords, handmade clothing, and armour pieces. We call our little enterprise Jesus Christ Superstore and we constantly have people almost falling down they laugh so hard. Those who are offended are just asked to leave. Afun time is had by most.
  16. Vince

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    I remember reading many years ago about a guy whose last name was Wheaties. He had a hot dog stand which he called "Wheaties hot dogs" or something like that. General Mills got wind and sued him for using their name. The judge determined that the hot dog cart was named Wheaties before the cereal was, and found General Mills in violation of using his name!
    All the hot dog guy wanted was to be able to keep his beloved stand, so they agreed that both the hot dog stand and the cereal could use the name.
    I don't know if it's true, or an urban legend, but it certainly sounds plausible!:mrgreen:

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