Bushnell's Turtle (1776) Submarine

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  1. maltedfalcon

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    A brand new design.
    It's available at my new website, currently hosted on .mac. It will be moved to a new domain at some point, but for now, check it out.

    Matt's Card Models

    The American Turtle was used during the Revolutionary War. This model can be built as a display model (static) or built so that you can open it up to view the interior.

    It's part of a new series of models, called "Some Subs!" check out the site for details.

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  2. Elliott

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    Nice model Matt! The way the sub opens up to allow you to view the full interior is really nice. Will your other sub models do the same?

  3. maltedfalcon

    maltedfalcon New Member

    The hatch on the diving saucer will open and you will be able to look inside to see the couches, controls and portholes. like a old-fashioned peekaboo egg...

    At this point the Disney sub and the comic book sub are just display models with no interiors,

    If its a popular feature there would be no problem adding it to the others. The turtle just demanded an interior...

    Matt Sparks
  4. cgutzmer

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    Very cool! thanks for sharing it with us!

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