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Discussion in 'DCC & Electronics' started by emt49, Jun 14, 2005.

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    I was doing some wireing on the layout today i ran the bus wire around the layout getting it ready for when i instal the feeders. i got all the way around the layout back to the starting point and wasent shure what to do with the end of the bus wire. do i tape them off and leave it or do i wire the + (start and end) to the power pack and have both ends have power and then do the same with the - bus wire . i am useing mrc command 2000 at this time but will upgrade to ether the Super Empire Builder or the Prodigy systim at some point maybe a year or two . the layout size is 12'x14' x3' wide and will probley see 8 locos but not all run at the same time.1 loco yard switcher, 1 loco power plant switcher, 1 loco local industral switcher, 2 locos for the local train and maybe 3 locos for a unit coal train if not all 4 of my 6axel uboats .
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    Just leave them. You can cap off the ends if you want, but not necessary.

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    If you have gone all the way around, then you have created the maximum possible "run" for the power. You could cut the bus at a point farthest from the power source, and have it run both ways from the source. This would effectively cut the power losses by half.

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    now thats something i would not have thought of thats a good idea thanks Andrew:thumb:

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