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    OK, i've been working on my (n guage) layout for a while,

    - i have the landscapes done, and greened, including hill and flat bottomed valley,
    - and i have a small colection of Grayham farrish, GWR livery rolling stock, including a pannier tank engine, a 4-6-0 tender loco (GWR green), a 3 carrage mainline passenger train, and a 2carrage branch passenger train, 6 7-plank trucks, 3 5-plank trucks, 2 minnaral wagons, and 5 Vans, and a brake van, all of which are GWR grey.

    - but what i DONT have is any buildings, or a idea of what era/scenario im aiming for !!!

    - so what i would like to know is from what period are is my rolling stock from, so i can look for photos etc of GWR buildings from a matching perod, beacuse, also im not fanatical about historycal accutracy (as you may have noticed my now) - i would still like it to look sensable, and not be to stupidly odd loking :confused:

    so would anyone be able to help out with my problem?

    thanks, daniel
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    Ravenington Hall was introduced 1944 as a "modified Hall". In 1950 it was assigned to shed 81A Old Oak Common i.e. Paddington. The Great Western became British Railways (W) in 1948. The pannier is 1929 or 1931, depending on the first 2 numbers.
    The Great Western didn't change much during its life. David & Charles publish a book "The Great Western Railway - 150 Glorious Years" that may help you.
    Building colours were Stone #1 and Stone #3 (no one knows what happened to #2), or a creamy colour and an darker orangy colour. These went on the bits that needed painting. Stone and brick was natural, left to weather.
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    ok, thanks - the panniers number is 6752,

    - also, where might i find photos of these couler buildings, it the a good online resouce any where?

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    try the historical model railway society
    They may also have links to a Great Western site. (there are probably loads of them.)
    6752 is not listed in my 1942 book, but is in the 1948 book. In 1942 it only went to 6749. In 1950, 6752 was assigned to shed 88C which is Barry in Wales.
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    Hi Daniel :)

    As an ex GWR branchline modeller in N-gauge, congratulations, you have chosen a wonderful time period and area :)

    OK.. This may be a good site to rummage through..

    There are loads of photos and resources here that should help.

    Bear in mind, the GWR was very unique in that most structures and fittings were so definitive, you can look at a station in the UK and say.. that was GWR. Always been lickened by my friends as being like the PRR in North America. With colours and styles, it screams that railroad, even without a train in view:)

    Good luck.


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    thanks - ill have a look at all of that
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    Model photos

    I was operating a GWR layout at a show the other weekend and I took a few photos. The modelling is by Mark Stapleton.

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    second view

    Another view: with water tank.

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    The Station

    The station. A Ratio kit?

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    wow, thanks, thats cool

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    Sorry the snaps are so small. I'm still experimenting with the digital camera and the software for mucking about with the pictures. I trust the modeller who did the work totally.

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