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    I've been busy buying some buildings for a future layout and had some questions about the best way to go about putting them together. Some of the kits are plastic...I was planning on using MEK on those with a needle point type applicator (I have read the cautions about MEK in general). How about laser cut wood kits....super glue or CA glue such as used on wood RC airplanes..or just plain old wood glue? I'm also confused how to properly paint/weather these it while building the kit piece by piece or after the kit is completed all at once? The instructions are pretty vague...but I've seen some amazing work here and looking for some tips before I screw it all up! I'll try to document my adventures here for all to see and critique.

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    CA or wood glue will work for wood, but if you use CA, I suggest the gel type. The thin stuff can wick right into the wood before it forms a bond...!

    You can paint and weather in whatever order seems best. Sometimes there are parts that need weathering that cannot be reached after assembly. Other times it is better to put parts together so they are weathered in one go for a more even look. It really depends on the situation.

    One note for wood - if you want to stain it, do so before assembly, because the glue will prevent the wood from taking a stain properly. Paint on the other hand will cover any excess glue.

    If you want an alternative for MEK for the plastic (styrene) kits, Testors makes a non-toxic "airplane glue" that is suitable. It's a bit more work to keep neat, since its got a kind of goopy texture, but you don't have to worry nearly as much about fumes or skin contact.


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