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    Did the Budd Company ever build Rail Diesel Car demonstrators in the 50's? It seems to me that they would have done so. Has anyone got a pic of same? I wished to see/copy the paint scheme on them.
    Tom :)
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    There was at least one because CN bought it.
    All I can remember is that it had outside disk brakes; by the time I saw it CN had put regular RDC trucks under it and it didn't look any different from the rest of the fleet.
    I remember there was a model of it at one of the Toronto clubs. The trucks had been modelled using early Aurora Model Motoring mechanisms and the car accelerated like mad.
    I'll see if I can find more details when I get offline.
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    RDC demonstrator

    The following information comes from the book The Budd RDC in Canada and Canadian Trackside Guide
    Budd demonstrator 2960 (s/n 2960) built 1949.
    Used on CNR in Feb 1951.
    Used on CPR for 2 weeks on 1953.
    Purchased by CNR in 1965 in a frenzy of used RDC buying.
    Renumber D110, then 6110. Became VIA 6110.
    Sold to Farmrail System, Clinton OK in 1999.

    I assume it spent most of the time from 1949 to 1965 demonstrating in the US.

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