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Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by darkcurves, Mar 20, 2008.

  1. darkcurves

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    They got alot of stuffs which cannot be found anywhere else like many N locomotives in NS livery. Unfortunately they dont ship to foreign address. I find this quite weird because most online stores have started shipping to foreign addresses. If i remember well, even MB Klein didnt accept orders from my country but that was fixed when another N scaler requested to add Malaysia. On the other hand, i have tried sending emails to BLW, trying to convince them to ship outside of US for sometime but just doesnt seem to work. Does anyone know the owner personally? What's his reason for not shipping outside of US? Sigh. :(
  2. conrailmike

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    I don't know the owner, but I do know that lately there's been a lot of discussion on another forum about how he's not being true in his advertising and there's been alot of trouble getting orders filled and how he's not been real responsive with customer service. Have you tried N Scale Supply? or Caboose Hobbies?
  3. dwight77

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    Are you sure you aren't thinking of Internettrains ??? There have been some problems expressed in the N/Z scale section of this forum about Internettrains. I have personally had very good service from Brooklyn Locomotive Works ( www.buynscale,com ), very competitive pricing, and prompt delivery.
    N Ft Myers Florida
  4. conrailmike

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    No, it was BLW. I did hear about Internettrains though. They seem to be pretty popular on every forum I visit, and it's not a good thing.:cry:
  5. darkcurves

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    Oh yeah, Internettrains are terrible. I have started a thread about them recently too.

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