Brighton Station Museum "MEMORY JUNCTION"

Discussion in 'Photos & Videos' started by interurban, Sep 25, 2004.

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    I went for breakfast with my old friends Dave a Alice, they have retired to a nice town called Brighton.

    After a hearty breakfast we Dave and I walked up to Memory Junction, we were early so out came the cameras. We went back later to take pictures inside the old station.

    The owners Ralph and his dear wife Eugenia bought the property back in 1996 for there own pleasure and with many volunteer hours it has grown into a splendid collection of restored railway equipment and Brighton memorabilia.

    They do not know I am posting this, so the link will surprise them.
    One more thought.
    The Engine 2534 was purchased for $600 but shipping it to the site cost $23000. OUCH!!.
    So all donation are greatly apprieciated, It is maintained thus.
    Free admission.

    Engine #670 This is a 105 ton Locomotive built by Montreal Locomotive works In 1906 for the Grand Trunk Railway Class N-4-a,Consolidation.
    Renumbered #2534 by Canadian National Railways.
    Originally assigned to Turcott Roundhouse. Because of it`s 40,000lbs traction power, it was used to draw freight, passengers and mixed train service between Quebec City and Montreal, Ottawa and Pembroke.
    In 1959 it was withdrawn from service and in 1966 presented to the City of Belleville.
    In 1998 after much thought and work the engine was brought to Brighton. Due to it`s tremendous weight, it was dismantled into two sepatrate pieces and placed on flat beds floats
    A crew of twelve men took over eight hours to load and unload the train
    #2534 is one of only three remaining in existence in the N-4-a Class.

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    Box Car
    Built in 1913.
    This 30ft long box car was built prior to world war 1. It is one of a few remaining outside braced wooden box cars. This one had been lined with steel for durability and not only carried frieght but in the early years used to deliver automobiles.
    Later mdified to be used as a maintenance car.

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    Caboose built in 1929
    Nice inside :thumb:

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    Cool stuff Chris. A real labour of love.

    TrainClown :D
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    Brighton Station :thumb:

    The Grand Trunk Railway opened November 4th, 1856, the first railway running between Toronto and Montreal.
    32 Stations were built on this line, only nine are left standing.
    The 1857 Brighton station was built by a local brick manufacturer the G.T.R was bought by C.N.R. in 1923
    :( Of the 13 stations of the C.N the C.P.R & the Canadian Northen between
    Cobourg and Belleville only Brighton station remains.

    ps that`s Dave. :wave:

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    Thanks Trainclown :thumb:

    This old Barn was where they stored the "new"ford cars for the dealers to come and collect :eek:

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    Inside the station there is just loads to look at and study.
    Ralph asked the same man who sat in the dispachers chair for years bring back his collection and set it up as it was in his day.
    This gentleman was born in Brighton and sadly passed away last year.

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    Just a few more pictures from outside.
    It is a great railfanning spot, I recommend it for a great day out for one and all
    Thanks to Ralph and Eugenia for making us very welcome, I do hope I spelt your lovely name right :)

    More info?

    contact Ralph Bangay
    60 Maplewood St.
    Box 294.
    Ontario K0K 1HO
    ph#613 475 0379

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    Chris, great photo's :thumb: :thumb: :thumb:
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    Thanks for the great pictures, Chris! If I'm ever in the area...[​IMG]
  11. N Gauger

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    Great Pics!!!! It's so nice to see that someones cares to maintain & restore these things :) :D :)
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    Thanks for the tour Chris!!!!! Really will have to check it out some time. If you ever make another trip, let me know.


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