Botched E&N railfan attempt

Discussion in 'The Real Thing- North America' started by ENR3870, Jan 28, 2004.

  1. ENR3870

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    Botched E&N Railfan attempt
    Yesterday I went up to Nanaimo armed with a camera and 2 rolls of film hoping to catch some E&N action. I did catch some E&N action including the northbound passenger train and a southbound freight stopped to move a Chevy Sprint off the tracks in Nanaimo. I shot both rolls, but I didn't load the film properly in the camera and both rolls ended up blank.

    I'll be heading up to Nanaimo on my next day off(probably next Tuesday) to try again. I'll post the photos on
  2. 60103

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    I did that at Cape Canaveral. I started to wonder when I got up to 45 shots on a 36 exposure roll.
  3. ENR3870

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    I'm definately looking at buying a digital camera next payday.
  4. railwaybob

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    Bought a digital 2 years ago and I've been having so much fun with it, it's almost sinful.

    The key thing to look for in a digital camera is optical resolution. The sales literature mixes up digital resolution and total resolution (digital plus optical) that they forget that what you want is optical resolution.

    At the same time you get your camera, get a graphics software like PaintShop Pro. You can get better digital resolution with a graphics software than you can with the camera.

    So remember, optical resolution is what you compare. The bigger the better.
  5. cobra

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    Digital cameras are certainly the way to go . ...wish I had done it long ago . Lots of good deals out there ( I got a Kodak but there are many comparably priced ) and between it , the camera dock and the computer , photos are a snap as is editing , downsizing name it . I got the 128 disc to go with it and plan to do a lot of railfanning . I messed up too many rolls to count , back in the old days when I didn't load the film right .


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