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    So, as I waiting for my 1st model Folletto being printed, I started on this one. I was going to finish the Savoia S21 that I was working on. But I don't want to come out two aircraft one after other. I thought I'll do a mecha as my 2nd and make the Savoia S21 my 3rd. it was either the Madox 01 or Boss Borot. Even so I already started on the Madox long ago. But the Boss looks easier to build, so.......

    I'm give up on making my Boss cartoon accurate. I'm going mostly with my diecast Boss Borot as reference. I just finished modeling the arm joints. The leg joints will be next, then the body frame, cockpit. I planing on doing three, maybe four more heads with different eyes expressions. Also four more pairs of hands and couple of weapons of some kind for accessories. This Boss Borot will be a poseable action figure. It looks top heavy, so I'm a little worry about that....we'll see. Right now it is 14 inches tall. I didn't scaled yet. As is now, it is bigger then all my 1/60 scale Gundam. I like large scale models anyway. So I may just keep it in 14 inches, if not bigger. So.... what you guys think?

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    great, I love Mazinger Z since childhood.

    ¬°Majiiiiiin Go!

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