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    My second science fiction book , The Stud and the Sperm Thief, comes out next week. Actually it's already available through Amazon, Kindle, and CreateSpace. But most of my sales though are from my briefcase which I always carry around. I also carry postcards with the cover on them and bookmarks. They can get beat up by being hauled around so being a card modeler I made cases for the stuff I carry. I got it done in the last two days along with uploading files and trading writing criticism. I'm making the cases out of a couple of plastic folders which I bought for a buck a piece on sale at OfficeMax. I picked up another hot melt glue gun for the project. I haven't yet gotten the knack of hot melt glue. I don't like it as well as PVA but PVA doesn't stick to plastic very well. I built the cases first out of paper to check fit and then out of the plastic since I've only got two two folders. The cover illustration, cover design, bookmark, and postcard design are my work as well. I had the bookmarks, postcards, and stickers printed by Vistaprint. I've used reusable poster stick'm dots to close the flaps on the postcard and bookmark cases.

    20160204_6340 (640x457).jpg 20160204_6342 (640x427).jpg 20160204_6343 (640x427).jpg 20160204_6345 (640x427).jpg 20160204_6347 (640x457).jpg 20160204_6348 (640x457).jpg
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    That is way cool!!
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    You did GREAT JOB on this project. I like the idea and concept of repurposing existing materials to fit your needs.
    KUDOS to you on a FINE JOB WELL DONE!!!
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    I fully agree! :)
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    X-O-Lent!! ;)

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