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    These are not very good but were taken from a moving car, with dirty windows.....the one was pulling car haulers and conex stack cars the other was all coal. The coal train had 2 engine that were the old SF paint and a lease unit., Sorry couldn't get that part. This was about 6 miles east of Fargo ND.



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    BNSF, Gotta love it. Thanks :)
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    I have an early morning VA appt on the 30th, means I have to be outta here no later than 6:30 AM to be in Fargo by 8:30, I will try to get better pictures in route back, I should have most of the rest of the day to kill at that point.

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    Nice pics.
    Whats that white stuff falling from the sky...and laying on the ground?
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    God has dandruff really badly this time of year. The dry cold weather really dries out his scalp. :D
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    I want snow too!!! Cool pics of two passing trains

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