BLI/PCM California Zephyr

Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by slekjr, Apr 29, 2007.

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    Has anyone got one of these sets? Was wondering what comments or reviews you might have. Trainworld has them on sale at a price less than the locomotive price alone.
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    I bought one from trainworld. I figured at that price I couldnt turn it down. I am in the process of laying track so have only run it on some of the track that I have down. It runs good and the detail is also good. I'm not sure what curvers the passenger cars are for but I think anything less than 22 inch radius is going to be a problem but I figured at that price it can go on a wall display shelf. Not much help I know, maybe someone else will chime in,,,, good luck,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,, st
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    Well I figured for the price I could repaint the units PRR for my layout so I ordered them on Tuesday. I got them yesterday (friday) and although I'm 75 miles from the permanant layout we have a test track ( a small loop with 22 in radius curve) here.
    I couldn't believe the great job of detailing the units. One A and B are lash-ups with the third A for lone operation.
    I had no intentions of taking the cars out of the package, but after seeing the three units coupled together I had to put the whole set up.
    These units are equiped with Loksound, and even here on straight dc the sound is fantastic. The units run very smooth and start at such a low speed you can hardly see them moving. The sound really is the old 567 sound with transitions and all. Tuesday one of the guys is bringing his DCC set up over to test the set on DCC.
    The set ran on this 22 in test track although It really needs at least 30 in radius curves for the cars to look better. All of my curves are 48 in radius except one 36in so I should be fine with them.
    The coaches with the set are icing on the cake. They are free rolling and have wonderful lighting.
    As for repainting PRR I have deciced that the PRR has borrowed a trainset to test them on their railroad.
    At $369. plus the shipping I think I got a steal.
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    look see here at my vids you might see what your looking for New Page 1
  5. Why me

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    look see here at my vids you might see what your looking for New Page 1

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