Bill and Tom's EXCELLENT ADVENTURE in Logging and Mining

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  1. Doctor G

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    Bill and Tom's EXCELLENT ADVENTURE in Tennessee Logging and Mining

    Hello folks,

    This is the start of a NEW thread here on the great Zealot website. It will feature the EXCELLENT ADVENTURES of Bill Nelson and Dr Tom as they create a massive logging and mining operation on the Clarksvile Tennessee "Queen City" model railroader's club layout.

    These two schemers hatched a plot to expose their Dieselized bretheren to the wonders of a steam logging and coal mining "show" several years ago. They also wanted to tie up the mainline with real steam spittin geared and rod lokies and their consists travelling along at 15 MPH.So far so good in this devilish plot.

    So follow along and add your comments to this new thread.

    Now here are some pictures of what has been done so far. Here we see "J.E.Patterson" locomotives #43 and #32 at the engine facilities in the yard at Spittenchoo Tennessee.

    We also have a shot showing off Bill Nelson's excellent bridge building and track laying skills as #32 trundles over the bridge at the Patterson Sawmill's log pond.

    Hope you enjoy. Doc Tom:wave:

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  2. sumpter250

    sumpter250 multiscale modelbuilder

    Looks like you're off to a good start! Nice work!
  3. Mountain Man

    Mountain Man Active Member

    Excellent beginning! And a great name - Spittenchoo! :thumb:
  4. Bill Nelson

    Bill Nelson Well-Known Member

    promised comentary!

    In the C&S thread Tom said that I would provide Useful and Colorful Commentary, to the photos he is taking with his very nice Camera.

    I get some OK photo's with mine, but mine is one one of my former co-workers found in a deal on line. I paid less than $50. for mine.

    Now as for the commentary, well colorful commentary is what I do. Most folks just find it annoying, but if Tom finds it Useful, that's OK.

    Our club evolved from a modular based Club when we were allowed the use of the space we are inhabiting, As we made that transition, I was absent for a couple years, due to family medical issues. When I returned after those issues had run their course, We had this big honking layout!

    This layout presents several challenges . when we built this I wasn't there. (let be be clear about that - I could have made it worse, I'm confident about that. ) Dr. Tom was the only guy with big layout experience, and tom had built his big layout to the same standards his original tiny garage layout was built to.

    To be a work of art, a layout must be designed from the start to represent a railroad, at a place and time. This one was built generic. No one will admit to designing this layout. The most likely suspects claim it wasn't designed, and it just happened. I don't believe that There is a track plan nicely drawn out in scale. It is very hard to draw a scale plan for an existing RR, and make it close. So I think it was designed, and the culprits are seeking anonymity .

    In any case, when I returned to active membership (not realy acurate, cause before I didn't do squat, I just sat around BSing and getting in the way as folks messed up the modules) I got busy trying to fix stuff. we have a long loop that is on two levels. @ the far corner of the layout there is a helix that goes to the upper deck. Halfway over the far peninsula the track begins downgrade, and that long downgrade reaches all the way to the end of the near Peninsula, neat the waterfall (Tom started the waterfall scene, and I finished it.)

    That grade was real gentle at the bottom, and very Steep @ the top. unless you had a very small train, or lots and lots of power, that loop was a one way . John Patterson and I decided it was intolerable, and we measured the whole grade, unscrewed the risers and repositioned or replaced them to even out the grade to around 4.3 percent.

    Shortly afer we got that chore done John passed away. The John Edward Patterson Coal and Lumber Company was formed, as a memorial, consolodating all of the coal and lumber operations into one big operation. We had at the start a logging branch @ the end of the near peninsula, which Tom had set up, compleate with a small yard @ the junction of the logging branch and the RR proper. This, along with the narrow gauge interchange uses up all the realestate on the far side of the near peninsula.

    John had been working on a coal mine on the near side of the near peninsula. He had a sidding for it but nothing else, so I did a bunch of scenery work there and kitbashed a mine from some old plastic buildings we had laying around. So on the near side of the far peninsula we are usinf about a quarter of the realestate. So the near peninsula is 5/8ths logging/minning.

    The senery and track on the far side of the far peninsula , lower level, was really bad, as were the liftouts that allow access to the breaker box. Having that big log camp We figured we need a Sawmill. Railroad logging requires big sawmills. So we wanted to steal that whole side of the peninsula. We were able to do this because 1. it was ugly. 2 it didn't run. 3. No one would admit that they had designed it or built it. So, there for our taking was half of the far peninsula.

    Now as Tom has said, our evil plan is to, by slow and steady work on the Coal and Lumber Co. to gobble up large portions of real estate, and to get it to the point, where when there are operating sessions, we own most of the car destinations!

    Stealth and trickery is viatal to this plan, So I didn't want to get anyone ****ed off at me, so My plan for the sawmill started with fixing the acess to the far wall. where Eric has been happily working on the 2ndary yard there for years, even though you couln't get a train there, because of the bad lift outs, and the bad mainline where the sawmill would go.

    So to secure the goodwill of our intended victims, I began the Sawmill project in a very roundabout fashion. The first step was a total rebuild of the liftouts. The liftouts had a fatal design flaw. the rail joints @ the gaps were on curves, and tight ones @ that. I altered the approach of the tracks, so the curves were much wider, and I snuck in short straight sections @ the gaps. At those straight sections, I cut up some Atlas re railers, and used those at the joints, so that the track on the liftouts is reliable, for the first time ever.

    The next thing I did was to get the track on the upper deck of the far wall relaible, so that rail traffic was able to get over there via the upper liftout, and from there down the Helix to the far yard, where Eric has been working, no longer in compete issolation.

    This way, when I tore up the mainline in front of the Sawmill, in order to rebuild it, I wasn't Isolating Eric, I was actually supporting Eric, by drasticly improving the mainline to and from the far yard.

    Durring our Open house, when I wasn't helping visitors run trains. I worked up on the top deck of the far wall, where I installed the Altimont Mine, using #6 switches, and big long tracks to handle big long strings of coal cars. the rest of that upper shelf we are going to set up as a company town; thus nailing down half of the realestate on the far wall.

    On Wednsday night I got the bridedeck for the passing sidding in @ Patterson, where the sawmill and the headquarters of the whole operation will be built. there is a mid size coal mine there also, and we may have the company town creep around the liftout and into the lower level of the far wall. Doing that we can visually co opt the far yard which is sandwiched between the coal and lumber operations @ Patterson, and the Altimont Mine, just up the helix from it.

    Since there is no other industry anywhere near the far yard It will make a natural staging area for the big operations @ Altimont and Patterson. THERE GOES THE NEIGHBORHOOD!

    So the next step is the saw mill complex, which is going to be represented on flats, up against the backdrop , as we have considerable lenght but a very shallow area to work in. In all my work, I have been trying to make the track as good or better than the best trackwork on the system. When it gets to the sawmill I'm going to try to make it the best looking as well. I'm going to hand lay the track in code 100, and in code 83 (I'm staying with the fat rail profiles for better conductivity- I pay for the good looking track on my own RR with poorer operation every time I run my trains).

    Also with simplicity of operation in mind we are going to keep the track plan simple (you don't know how hard this is for Tom and I), and use nothing smaller than a #6 switch. Due to the limited space we have we are going to run the log car storage track after the log dump, through the backdrop, so we can stow big honking logtrains in there. Like wise, the boxcars will wander off into the drying stacks, through the backdrop, so we can fit a lot of them in there.

    While I'm working on the track for the saw mill, Tom's mission is to establish a second logging camp on the upper deck of the near side of the far peninsula, wich will use that Surry Parker Skidder/loader I was building for the C&S (see your unique logging equipment thread nearby). That project stalled on the news of the C&S's closure, but it is close to done.

    When Tom gets that done, there will be very little of the main body of the layout that isn't dominated by the Coal/Lumber operations. And the next largest industry is the Copper smelting industry, with it's mine, and the narrowgauge that supports it (I'm sorely tempted to put a narrow gauge log camp, and a reload operation in.

    So, since the club was built generic, with no coherent theme, Tom and I, by having a theme, and working harder, faster than the other guys, under the cover of a memorial to a deseased member' who would have heartily joined in the effort, were he still with us, we are approaching our goal. The mainline RR, as it exists now, has only one obvious purpose, and that is to support the J.E.Patterson Coal and Lumber co.

    Tom and I used to be fish out of water there This has been fun!
    Bill Nelson
  5. Doctor G

    Doctor G Active Member

    Thanks Bill for expounding on the revolution

    Great job Bill of showing how a dedicated group of revolutionaries can do some big things at a RR club.......hmmmm reminds me of a certain little country in North Eastern Europe a while back.

    Long live the logging and mining revolution.

    Doc Tom:thumb:

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  6. Doctor G

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    More photos on the model RR club of the logging and mining revolution.

    Thought I would send out a few more shots taken the other night at the choo choo club "work"....errr BS session.

    First picture is that of Number 32 having an RC Cola and a Moon Pie (lunch) at the coal dock in Spittenchoo, Tennessee.

    Second picture is Number 32 coming off the grade to camp 1 with a logging load.

    Third picture is Boss Hawg's "tabacky" barn. Seems he's got everyone in Spittenchoo spitting and chewing so much that he was able to buy himself a nice black import car with no roof. Cows in these parts are just not that interested in these weird machines though.

    Enjoy............ Doc Tom:cool:

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  7. Mountain Man

    Mountain Man Active Member

    They use steroids on the cows in those parts? That sucker is the size of a locomotive! :mrgreen:
  8. Sawdust

    Sawdust Member

    I think that's Paul Bunyans's bull.Got rid of the blue & painted himself to look like a Jersey.
  9. Doctor G

    Doctor G Active Member

    Yep, here's cousin Bessie from down the road. She is utterly beautiful.
    Veternarian Doc Tomsign1

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  10. steamhead

    steamhead Active Member

    balloon6 Logging is back...!!!!

    Looking forward to more adventures out of the Tennesse mountains....!!!
  11. ytter_man

    ytter_man Member

    The bridge deck makes me a tad envious! sign1

    Heck, the whole thing. Glad to see your tear down going to good use. :thumb:
  12. Doctor G

    Doctor G Active Member

    Bridge Building

    Thanks Steamhead and ytterman for the nice comments.

    Fellow Tennessee logging nut Bill Nelson has a real talent with building HO scale bridges. His works of art are all over the Clarksville Model RR Club layout.

    Look at this next picture with the seamless transition from Atlas Code 100 flex track to beautiful hand laid track on the bridge proper. All done by Bill's skilled hand

    Doc Tom:wave:

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  13. Doctor G

    Doctor G Active Member

    Straight tracks ahead!!

    By the way this is the mess Bill had to contend with before straightening everything out and getting our guys on the right track. His commentary above gives you some of the flavor of our definitely laid back bunch.

    Dr Tom:eek:

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  14. Mountain Man

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    She also apparently changes her colors at will, since that isn't the same cow. :rolleyes:
  15. Bill Nelson

    Bill Nelson Well-Known Member

    not the same cow!!

    Definately not the same cow.

    Bill Nelson,

    Back from looting my Dad,s house in Mississippi
  16. Doctor G

    Doctor G Active Member


    Bill Nelson,

    Back from looting my Dad,s house in Mississippi[/QUOTE]

    Hey Bill,

    Welcome back!!! Missed you at choo choo club. Actually missed everyone at choo choo club this week as NO ONE there.

    What did you loot on your raid down south?

    Dr Tom:cool:

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  17. Bill Nelson

    Bill Nelson Well-Known Member


    In O gauge I got a station, a hand car shed .

    Tin-plate standard gauge I got a pair of Lionel open platform coaches like the ones that were in dad's train set that were given away- nice looking cars that Lionel discontinued in the early 20's. I also picked up a modern reproduction ten wheeler, so they won't look lonely on a shelf.

    In LGb stuff I got a couple nicely built wooden boxcars lettered tor the DG CC & W (one is for you), and I got some passenger cars, which should allow me to gift you with 3 of mine. also in there is a box car and a refer and a flat (I have several flats for you). I also nabed some buildings (pola) I have a station, and a shed for you, and am retaining a station and a watertower.

    The biggest haul was the Buddy L Paciffic, a non powered push toy made of steel and cast irorn, Other than Dad's, I have only seen two of these in my life. This thing is so big, that set on the sill of the rear cargo doors of my suburban, it takes up the entire door opening space. My Camers is either misplaced in my truck, or back in Mississippi, probably the latter, so no photos for now!

    Jennifer and Forrester are down in Houston, so they may run by the Lake on thier way home, and get my camera I was doing some last minute catalougeing of dad's tinplate track and assessories. I thought I had stuck the camera in my suitcase, but that apears to not have occured.

    All that stuff is loaded in the suburban with some non train treasures, Some pre damaged oriental rugs (less wory than the other kind). . . one of the Barrister book cases from my paternal grandfather's law office (he was a pattent layer- wrote the patents for the Jordan Spreader, and for the fairmont speeder, and some othjer interesting stuff. may take me days to unload it if I don't trash the house in the process.

    Bill Nelson
  18. Doctor G

    Doctor G Active Member

    Wow What a haul of neat stuff!!!!! Thanks for the Large Scale stuff for the primordial Little River RR. You are always so generous!!!

    Been playing around with free versions of CAD drawing tools to get the idea of how everything will fit in the backyard for the LRRR.

    Also getting an interest going for the ETWNC narrow guage in ON30 for the bedroom with no furniture here at the new house. Had interesting iron ore factories up around Elizabethton as well as lumber and passengers and it was narrow guage. Bachmann is coming out with an On30 model of ETWNC "10 wheeler' locomotive this summer. Hmmmmmm.

    Can you come to RR club this week???

  19. Bill Nelson

    Bill Nelson Well-Known Member

    The Tweetse was an interesting operation. I have a book. the Balwin tweetsie 10 wheelers are fine looking critters, that is what the old Bachman Big Haulers were (I have two of the old style radio ones up for grabs if you want them).

    am planning to get to the club this week if soemthing doesn't hit the fan.

  20. Doctor G

    Doctor G Active Member

    ETWNC modelling

    I would love to get a 10 wheeler in ETWNC livery for inspiration. Thank you for your offer.

    Here's a shot of the Doe River gorge that would be great to model. I n fact I think this is a model from the ETWNC site.

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