Big Warrior River Bridge

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    I am attempting to scratchbuild the Big Warrior River Bridge found in Kalmbach's Model Railroad Bridges & Trestles book; page 105. I successfully photocopied the Z scale plans to HO but failed in my attempt to build the lacing on the girders/plates. I built three out of wood but they looked terrible. I was following directions in another Kalmbach book, Bridges & Buildings which shows a jig to make girders with lattice. Luckily I was advised to consider some Central Valley plastic bridge girders/plates which are sold separately. When I received them, I was amazed that they fit perfectly into the jig that I made so they had to be the exact HO size needed. I was delighted, not to mention surprised. I had already used a router to make wood girders/plates which turned out okay. These don't require lattice. Other parts of the bridge calls for rods and bars. I went to Home Depot today and think I found some steel rods and bars that are suitable. Part #18 & Part # 28 are called 7" Channels and 12" Channels respectfully. I am not familiar with this terminology. Can anyone enlighten me? PS For the first time, I used Ambroid ProWeld to assemble the plastic Central Valley girders. It works by capillary action and is the only way to fly.
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    Channel is a structual steel shape that is similar to half an I beam, shaped like a staple. In the real world it comes in different widths, depths, and thickneses. The 7" and 12" would be the measurement of the flat part between the two legs.
    For models they are made in plastic by Evergreen and Plastruct. In wood by Northeastern. And in brass by K & S. All these are listed in the Walthers HO catolog or on their website. You will have to figure out which one best meets your required measurements.
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    Hi XafierJ123,
    I think I can remember to MR's feature of Big Warrior River Bridge many years ago. A very nice job to model it! [​IMG] I would like to see a few pictures of model, also under construction. Good success!!


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