Best printer for papermodel?

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  1. KGC

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    I apologize if I missed the MOD section, if you move the discussion, thanks. :thumb:

    I would like to ask all of you, what is the best printer to use for models?
    Should I change my e would like to make a good buy.
    Thanks to all!
  2. Zathros

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    I personally go with Epson because I like using pigment Ink. It is permanent, does not run. I don't buy ink from them. I get ink from for a fraction of the cost and it is the exact same ink they get from the same Massachusetts distributor who gets it from Dupont. I really like my WorkForce 1100 wide format printer because it can make BIG models.

    I also have an Epson NX420 which I use for scanning. I got it for $50 dollars from

    Look at how much the ink cartridges cost. If you are a photographer and want photographic quality pictures, different story. If you are talking about printing paper models, everything I said holds true, though in all honesty, the Workforce 1100 prints some really nice pictures.

    Some people like use Dye based printers. Supposedly the heads clogs less. Print once a week and you shouldn't have a problem. I will never go back to Dye based as the Sun fades the color and the glues can make the ink run, as can a drop of water.

    This is just my personal opinion. :)
  3. I would be very interested in hearing what printers others here have liked and disliked for model printing. I've done a good job with my ancient Canon i850, but I'm really tired of dealing with it's head clogging issues. I know photographers seem to prefer Epsons for photo printing, so I've been leaning that direction for my next one. I'll definitely remember when I do.
  4. Zathros

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    It'd really Dye vs. Pigment. Pigment is permanent, Dye is not. If you use Pigment a lot, you won't have clogging issues, they are easy to clean though, at least I think so. That is why I stick with EPSON. I know some that like Kodak and they say the ink is reasonable, that part I have not yet seen. Lexmark's days have come and gone and Hewlett Packard I heard is getting out of all hardware business but I'm not sure if that is true an more. That was in the news and I had heard nothing since.
  5. I'm not talking first hand, but I believe HP printers is a separate division that isn't going to be affected by HP's ups and downs about their PC business. Their plans seem to change every time I hear news about it, I believe the printer biz is as yet unaffected. While I gave up on their inkjets, I still have a couple of old HP office laser printers around the house that show no sign of giving up. I used to make business liquidation auctions and have been known to buy them by the pallet full for peanuts. Great printers, but not card models, unforch.
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    Some of the old H.P.'s are really excellent. I know someone who does design work for them. He gave me a model number of one to grab if I ever see it but I can't remember which hard drive, or which computer I have that info on. My information management is really lacking lately.

    I wouldn't worry about HP. printers if they did stop "branding" them because face it, printers aren't worth fixing, unless it is something incredibly simple, like clogged heads or paper jams. :)
  7. I ran the heck out of little 6P running mailroom paper back in then '90s and it never flinched. I mean hundreds of pages per day, 5 days/week. Right now I've got the bigger Laserjet 5 as the household LAN printer. The great thing about these oldies is they were made to last and you can pick up anything for them on eBay cheap.

    I've yet to run across a super dependable inkjet, though. But I'm liking the Epson entry-level photo printer line for card model printing and other graphics. I may pick one up in a few months and I'll report back.


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