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Discussion in 'DCC & Electronics' started by blackwidowfan, Jan 9, 2008.

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    Greetings! Please bear with me as I am a newbee here. My question is this, is there a decoder/mfg. that works in n scale better than another brand? I have a Prodigty adv 2 DCC unit to run a newly being built n scale layuot. This is a 6 x 12 home design with expansion possibilities. Most of the engines are Kato,Atlas diesels and Kato, Bachman and brass steam. The '50's era is what we are shooting for. I have read that Digitrax "z" scale decoders fit most "F" units as well as some steam. Most of the engines are not DCC ready. I have experence with the old Mann-Made system from years ago that may/maynot be of any help. I do know about drop in decoders for specific engines and will probably use some with sound as time/money allows.
    Any suggestions on decoders would be helpful. I am leaning towards NEC quiet running units as well as Diigitrax units.

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    Well, Welcome to The Gauge.:wave: I think that the decoders are of a personal taste. Name your brand. Best price or what ever. There are some decoders that are locomotive specific. (drop in decoders) some locomotives require that the frame be machined to make room for the decoder. (units made before 1997 or there abouts) So it is a mater of what is available, what your needs are ( four function- six function) warranty policy and the likes.
    I have used Lenz decoders in many of my Atlas pre 1997 units with great success. I used there silver mini w units. Very small but it is a hard wire unit, no plug.
    Good luck! Your going to love DCC.:thumb:
    Mann-Made system? are you talking about th eold CTC- 16 system?
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    Yep! The OLD ctc system with the trim pot on the pc board to trim the " buzzing" of the motor. Allen Mcllend used this system on his layout, it was made in Cincinnati and he lived in Dayton . John Mann put his heart into this system but it was overshadowed by what we have today.
    I have a factory/Atlas installed Lenz equipped U boat that I plan to use for setup.Most of my Kato units are not DCC ready. Hard wire it will have to be! Shouldn't be too much trouble. I have access to a milling machine.

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