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Discussion in 'Narrow Gauge Model Railroading' started by sam, Jun 14, 2007.

  1. sam

    sam New Member

    Hi All,

    I am getting ready to handlay track (first time) in On30. How do you bend rail for curves accurately and neatly. Your help is much appreciated.

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  3. pgandw

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    The Fast Tracks rail bender would be the ultimate tool, but you can do it by hand. Especially if you cut a template of cardboard or wood (or even poster board) to the desired radius to bend or check your bent rail against. Whether you use the Fast Tracks bender or your hands, cut off the last inch or two where you were unable to get a smooth bend into the rail. This last tip will save lots of frustration - don't ask me how I know.

    my thoughts, your choices
  4. sam

    sam New Member

    Thanks for the info. I was aware of the bending tool, but wanted to look for another method which was less expensive. The template idea is great.
    Thanks for all the comments.

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