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Discussion in 'Track Planning' started by kchronister, Jan 11, 2006.

  1. kchronister

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    Okay, gang. Here are some pictures of the benchwork under way.

    If you want to see the plan for which this is built, it's at

    Having said that, on to the piccies: I tried uploading them here, but had to shrink them so small, or turn the compression up so high, that they were pretty awful. So you'll have to click, I fear... is the 15x4 peninsula where the passenger terminal and engine servicing live. is looking right from the top end of that peninsula, down the 2' wide shelf that goes to the corner. From peninsula to corner is 20' is in the corner of the room looking back toward the peninsula. The shelf to the right is 3' wide and runs 26' from the end (where I'm standing) to the corner.

    Notes, etc:

    Top of benchwork is 48"... Once plywood/foam is added, 50" base height.

    I've always over-built in the past, much to my regret, in fact, when it came time to alter or move... Past layouts were darn near immovable. This time, I'm keeping it much lighter. So far, so good. My kids have already given it the jungle gym test and it's solid as a rock. I think, particularly, that since much of it is a 'shelf' style and it's tied directly to the studs at least every 24", I have a leg up on stability.

    Before the chorus of "you should really have finished the room first" let me explain my thinking on that topic... This is a purpose-built train room. It doesn't do double-duty as a den, guest room or anything else. So no need to accommodate that. I also like being able to tie the benchwork right into the studs directly. No stud finder, no going through drywall. Finally, when all is said and done, I'll be putting a benchwork-to-ceiling backdrop up before tracklaying begins, and from benchwork-to-floor will be draped. So nobody will see those ugly stud walls in the end.

    That's it for now. Lemme know what you think. More as I get it done.
  2. Gary S.

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    Looks good to me. Wish I was that far along.
  3. kchronister

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    Benchwork in progress - udpate - DONE

    Benchwork is done! Okay, framework is done. Next comes backdrop and plywood/foam on top of benchwork...

    New layout plan is at Viewpoints below are keyed off this image: shows the view from point A - looking into the train room as it will be entered. is from point B, looking toward the top-left corner across the big peninsula is from point C, looking back toward the entry door (The door is 26' away in this view) is also from point C, looking toward the bottom left corner of the layout. is also from point C, looking toward the top left corner of the layout. THe wall is 30' away. is from point D, looking across the big peninsula, back toward the entry door. is from point E, looking across the peninsula where the station & turntable will be is from point F, looking across the whole layout toward the entry door (bottom right corner). The door is about 45' away in this view is also from point F, looking down the left-hand side of the layout is from point G, looking straight across the layout. The wall is 30' away. is my modeling workbench, outside the train room. Just for the heck of it.

    Love to hear what you think
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    Looking good, keep posting the pics:thumb:
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    Lookin' really good, KC! :thumb:

    Having a space like that would be a dream come true for a lot of us! :cool:

    What scale are you going to be modeling in?
  6. kchronister

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    It's HO Scale for me.

    Over the weekend, got the backdrop (Masonite) up and lighting installed. Didn't get around to pics, but hopefully tonight or tomorrow.

    Next step is to spackle the joints/screws in the backdrop and paint it. Once that's done, the plywood & foam can start going down, then... Tracklaying! Yeehah.
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