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    Here are the final photos of the Batteau. I could add more details but I believe what is here will suffice. It was an interesting build and it made me research more history for the second war of independence. The Batteau helped in the movement of British troops down the rivers and tributaries from Canada to the United States, and aided them to reach Washington DC and burn the Capitol down.

    Placed the oars to the outside and the display stand came out better than anticipated. The tiller is made from an oar and is lashed to the rear of the boat.


    Some of the extra stuff made from paper/cardstock. The rifle, the buckets, the canteens, the pewter mug. That mug serves as a measure for the gunpowder to the cannon.

    Expanded view of the boat.

    The oars are installed inside the boat and the display stand is displayed prominently.

    More shots of the boat and its cargo.

    Front view of the boat, There is a slight view of the skeletal rib but it is hard to located unless you look real close.

    The Union Jack is displayed and here is a top front look of the boat.

    More closeup of the cargo.

    More details of the interior of the boat.
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    that's a lot of work! great attention to detail!
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    I have to say that this one is BETTER (BY FAR), than the one one the site that you posted.
    All of the extra detail, the extra add-on parts and pieces (like the musket, the buckets, the canteens, the mug, and so on), really add life and character to this model as a whole. Not only that, but all of it together really sets this piece apart from all the rest (of its kind).
    It looks like it should belong in a museum!
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    Your stores and provisions alone are museum quality, as is the rest of this beauty. I am glad you got a new PC and Monitor, "Viejito". Now, Get Rhino 5.0 3D through one of your grandchildren for $199, as they will happily sell it to you, just with a school I.D. or other student I.D./Proof. It is illegal to sell to a minor, which is why they want to sell it to you, so you can raise an engineer, who will then use Rhino as an adult. Once purchased, it can be installed on three different computers! Which makes teaching it much easier. :)
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    Thanks for looking in and for your kind words. Details are what make a model stand out, and the details give a model substance a story to tell.

    Thanks for the comments and encouragement. I love to embellish my bulds with some kind of extra detail so that it tells a story.

    Thank you Zathros for the comment and I will look into the rhino applications.

    By the way, here is the final photo for your enjoyment. Sorry but it came out a bit blurry but the idea is still there to see. 111.jpg
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