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  1. dunno if this is the right place for this but anyways here goessign1

    got these from my local "hootys" store .. its like a big wharehouse place that sell stuff cheap (always the second best price after free) lol

    I got the Eagle for £1.99
    Panda for £1.99
    Parrot for £1.99
    Cat for .99
    Dog for .99
    Snake for .99

    very basic models but good detail and fun to build lol ,, the box says for ages 7+ , at 39 i guess i should be ok sign1

    the panda is finished, the eagle is awaiting completion, my wife wants to do the dog and my kids are trying to claim the rest lol

    laters all

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  2. the rest of the pics hopefully?

    this forum keeps freezing!! grrrrr

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    Those are nice looking models. Here in the USA a couple of years ago the same line of models were on sale at some stores. I snagged the cat, dog, and snake that you have and also a t-rex, horse, and elephant. The eagle, panda, and parrot were not available. I keep looking in the close-out sections of the various stores I go to, hoping that some were found in the wharehouse.



    The blue cube is 2 inches, the red cube is 5cm. The three in the pictures are all basically the same height at the shoulders. I did not have a scale cube when I took the pictures of the horse and t-rex.
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    These are nice little models. Rick Steffers, introduced me to these and he has built a few of them.
    They are a real bargain if you can find them. They are becoming very scarce here in the US and very hard to find.
    I think they were selling for $10-$12 a piece here in the US, which is about 5 or 6 British Pounds.

    Congrats on a great find and for getting the family involved!

  5. ???

    dunno if anyone would be interested?

    i could probably get hold of a lot more if anyone wants one?

    dunno how much they would be to send through the post but i would certainly try if anyone wants me too?

    all i would ask is to cover what ever it costs me to do.

    i:e if its .99 for the model and £2.00 for postage then i would expect £2.99..

    i have a paypal account to make it easy.

    drop me a message if you are intrested?

    laterz all

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