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    Might as well start building it now....she'll never be satisfied with anything but a life sized....err...Link.
  4. arkon

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    model looks great cuz, i warned you about lettin the wife unit look over your shoulder
  5. Kjev

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    Nice work! Good luck with the elf and his magic kazoo.
  6. Pigsnout23

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    The solder wire looks great here.
  7. terrinecold

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    very nice...
    some questions about the ball joint. you dropped the marble in a slightly larger diameter cylinder (the bracket) and a height which is more than the radius of the ball then you glued on top of the cylinder a plane with a circular hole with a diameter smaller than the ball diameter but slightly bigger than the section of said ball by said plane?
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    I believe the answer is yes hope these pic's help

  9. jarobinson

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    Then I just glued it to underneath the main part. The marble I used was a little big and it rubbed on the bottom plate. Next time I'll match all the parts before I start cutting the top hole.

  10. terrinecold

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    thanks, this pictures plus that of the baneblad where we see the piece of armor holding the marble confirms that it is the way I imagined (and tried to describe)
  11. Aeglos

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    It's a very cool model ! greatings !!!
  12. Vellocatus

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    Hi, very impressive and great to see the evolution of your skills in this field. Just about to start my first build, a Leman Russ. Vell

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