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Discussion in 'FAQs' started by petey, Jun 4, 2004.

  1. petey

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    Need to separate chassis form shell. It appears, pilot, fuel tanks, chassis, remove as one piece. Have removed all blackened chassis screws. Yet the two pieces are firmly together at the fuel tank area. Only separation movement is at extreme ends. Center door grabs overlap chassis/shell, but the resistance to separation is more than these would provide. Wanted to lube the motor, but now the front truck shaft has broken, so need to get in there. Any ideas??
    Just got this. It is a beautiful engine.
  2. CN1

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    What brand?

    Did you removed the fuel tank? Screws that attached the chassis may be underneath
  3. Woodie

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    I hate it when that happens. :curse: You don't know whether to push or pull, or prise it open just that little bit harder or not, even if you're just trying to see the lugs that are holding it together somewhere......

    then **SNAP AND CRACK** :mad: :cry:

    Then you find out you just needed to squeeze a little in the right place, and it would have all come off so easily. :curse:
  4. petey

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    I've gotten it apart. The center door railings were, in fact, holding it together. I didn't believe that these wires could be that firm. They are a very tough spring wire. Now I will be working on the broken motor shaft coupler. One of the mating tongues has broken off. I think, because I ran it upside down to clean the tires. Anyway, because of the coupler/shaft removal problems, obtaining the right size, and installing the replacement coupler, squarely on the shaft, I have decided to repair it. I am going to try to sleeve over the broken coupler, and onto the mating end of the ball-bearing coupler. While I will lose most of the universal movement in the mating coupler, there will still be some movement in the keyed spline in the mating coupler, and also universal movement in the ball bearing tower coupler, all part of this truck's transmission line. If anyone is interested, I will relay whether I have success.
  5. CN1

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    Please do. We might learn a thing or two...

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