Bailey Yard and Google Earth

Discussion in 'Photos & Videos' started by hooknlad, Mar 6, 2007.

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    While on Google Earth - i researched the Bailey Yard in North Platte , Nebraska - I located the Bailey Yard - The Center most Hub of the Union Pacific Railroad... If anyone is looking for ideas for a total switching layout with Hump Yards, Ladies and Gentlemen, This is your ultimate layout.
    If you do not have Google Earth, just Google, " Google Earth" and Download. Great Satellite imagery of many points of interest. If you'd every like to travel some night to Pearl Harbor HI or Ground Zero NYC, this program has most sites... As far as looking for a small town in PA or IA, the imagery wont take you down to street level that well, but you do get a good idea of the topography of the area ..
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    You can skip downloading anything an just search it in Google maps, or Windows Live, then click the "satellite" link.

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    Why must you tease us but not post a picture. :)
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    How much space would it take to model bailey yard in HO ummmmmmmmm lol

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