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    When I went down to Red Wing, MN last Saturday for a day of train watching I figured I wouldn't get to see Amtrak's Empire Builder stop there at 9 AM because I was a little slow getting out of the house. When I arrived at the station, however, I encountered a bunch of people with suitcases waiting for the train. They told me that it was running two hours late. I was pleased with the chance to see and photograph the Empire Bulder so I hung around the station area taking a few photos while waiting for it.

    Here is the historic Red Wing station, built in 1905. I took this from the other side of the tracks. That fence in the foreground wasn't there last year. Since it stretches along the tracks on both sides I assume its a safety device to keep the public from crossing the busy rail lines at points other than the protected road crossings. The railroad divides the downtown area from the Missisippi and an attractive river walk and people would wander all over the tracks to get back and forth. Trains roar through Red Wing at fast speeds sometimes.


    Here's a photo of some of the folks waiting for the train. There is an art gallery in part of the station and those odd structures on the platform are modern art sculptures. I realize art is a subjective thing but I can't say the works enhance the appearance of the old station.


    I was expecting the Empire Builder any minute but decided to photograph this copper sculpture on the platform. This is the last pictue I was able to take as my camera battery died right after I immortalized this hunk of metal! :curse:


    When I realized my camera wasn't working I jogged up a block to the little gift store in the Hotel St. James and bought a disposable camera. By the time I got back to the station however, guessed it....the Empire Builder had come and gone. wall1

    Oh well. As I said I wasn't expecting to see the train anyway but when I thought I had the chance I got excited. :oops:

    I did take some pictures with the disposable but mostly barge traffic.
    Morale of the story...bring extra battery! :mrgreen:

  2. ezdays

    ezdays Out AZ way

    Unlike you, my timing was a bit better. We were in Winslow, Arizona and I was taking pictures of the depot and some trains they had around there when I spotted a lone guy with a suitcase standing on the platform. I looked at my watch and sure enough, it was 8 AM and down the track comes the Amtrak Southwest Chief. It had to stop, there was this one guy that needed to board so I was able to get a bunch of pictures. Sorry that you didn't but those are nice shots of the station. :thumb: :thumb:
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    Sorry to hear of your camera problem, Ralph. I have a digital that came with a rechargeable battery. I found that the battery kept dying at inopportune times. I finally switched over to AA alkaline batteries and always carry extra batteries with me to keep my camera alive when I want it.

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