Back in the modeling game after a year and half!

Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by kf4jqd, Sep 17, 2006.

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    It's finally started after a year and half. I am building my N scale railroad. I went to Lowes this morning. They got and cut my boards for me! I got a train running it. This is NOT finale. I have to get some Atlas track. I'll be getting it at the Hobby Lobby in Maryville. Almost everything else will be ordered off the Internet. The cool part of the temporary layout is the railroad crossing. I built and using an infrared senor that "see's" the train! The crossing automaticlly comes on and goes off! I am also going to use Atlas's signaling system. For $99, I can get 4 signals with their sensors. I need 2 packages of these! This will be expensive. Just like my Wisconsin HO layout, this will take time to build. The theme of it is Grandpa Henry's Life as an Engeer for the Southern RR. And of course, the Rock Island! The time peroid will be in the early 20th Century, winter time. I am going to use fibre optics connected to blue and white LED's running under the snow. This will simulate moon lite reflecting off the snow. For those who actually seen this, it's bueatiful! I did the samething on my HO layout. It looks cool!!!

    Will be posting updates and pictures after this in the N scale area of the Gauge!announce1


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    :thumb: :thumb: neat sounds like a great project .

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