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Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by GN.2-6-8-0, Apr 1, 2007.

  1. GN.2-6-8-0

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    Wondering how many others have had problem's with the bachmann Spectrum 2-10-0 russian decapod ,Seems quite a few on the Bach-mann forum are receiving loco's that either will not run right out of the box or as in my case loco ran about 40 ft' and just went dead.
    Now i purchased the DCC/Sound version and the sound works fine seems there a problem with solder on the wheel contact points and this seems to me to be wide a spread problem.
    So seeing as i bought it from Micro mark and will have to send it back for replacement my concern is it cost $12.50 to ship it back,now if i have the same problem with a replacement its another $12.50 to reship it again even for a refund....what to do...what to do.sign1 Wondering if you guys have any suggestions /thoughts on what i should do. ?
  2. brakie

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    Well..Have you tried resetting the decoder to the default sittings? Sorry thats the only thing I can think of and I may be off base but,I know that can fix problems.
    What does the Bach Man say?
  3. jr switch

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    As I'm still relatively new to the forum and model railroading, I would not try to answer most questions, but on this one, I have become the expert. I have sent two Decapods back to Bachmann in the last month or so. Bought the first from Hobbyfrenzy and the second from Micro-Mark. My understanding is that on an engine thats less than a year old, they will repair or replace it free and pay the shipping. I don't know how you get the shipping it back to them refunded.
    They do not respond to emails and phone calls very quickly. I emailed three or four times and called numerous times before getting to talk to a live person. I was told computer system down and major backlog of repairs, and that I should allow 6 weeks turn around time. I then called Micro-Mark. The very helpful lady there says that the Decapods have had a problem with the contacts shorting out against the drive axles. One of the guys on the Bachmann forum outlined exactly how to make the repair, but it's a delicate operation and you need a very fine tip soldering iron and a very steady hand, after you have dis-assembled the engine drive wheels. I said pass and sent them in.
    I finally called Bachmann again and asked if I could trade both Decapods for a 2-10-2 and they said "sure, send one right out" . I'm waiting on the 2-10-2---------John R
  4. jr switch

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    P.S.---I have a third Decapod that is running perfectly at this time, but for how long? That's why Iv'e been checking out as many manufacturers as possible, trying to find someone else that offers a Decapod. Possibly, Bachmann will come up with a design change and start selling dependable Decapods. When that happens, I'll order two or three. I like how they look when they run-----------
  5. GN.2-6-8-0

    GN.2-6-8-0 Member

    Yep' my thought also,will ask for a refund as i have no confidence in the decapods at this time......hopefully they'll get this problem squared away and i buy one at a later date.
    also saw the repair solution at the Bachmann forum and feel its a bit much to have to do for something brand spanking new out of the box ,plus if you mess up and do it wrong or are unable to get it reassembled properly that will surely void the warranty.:rolleyes:
  6. jr switch

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    It's really a bummer cause all my other Bachmanns, Spectrum or standard, run great. Absolutely no problems with the standard 4-8-4, the Spectrum ten wheeler, the Consolidation or the other Decapod. I had two Bachmann GP30's that ran perfectly.
    Well, I'm with you in hoping they get this sorted out. The cost of these Decapods thru Micro-mark is too good to pass up.
  7. MasonJar

    MasonJar It's not rocket surgery

    Does dealing with Bachmann directly help at all in terms of the shipping costs?

    The other thing you might try (although again it may void your warranty) is to take the solution and the loco to a local electronics shop and see if they will do the soldering for you. We had a guy near where I used to live who was a whiz with even the tienest circuit board repairs, and his prices were fantastic to boot...!

  8. hd8091

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    I have had good luck dealing with Bachmann. I have had to ship a number of engines back over the years they always pay the return postage.
    Just remember to take any decoders, custom details off first. They just send you a brand new engine. In fact ,they returned one of my customized body shells with my new engine.
    I swear by (not at) their service. Just talk to them over the phone as E-mail communication is spotty to non exsistant.

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