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Discussion in 'N / Z Scale Model Trains' started by xbbox, Jul 25, 2006.

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    How well do the ez track Bachmann criss cross pieces work?
    I have some of the switch tracks and they work like garbage. The train jumps the track majority of the time. Is there a way to fix that?
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    I used EZ track for my layout too and found it just a bit tricky to get "tuned" so things wouldn't derail - espicially at the turnouts. First off, try to take a small file and gently file the edges of the turnouts, well basically every right angle that is on the entire switch as well as the inside of the edges too where it aligns the wheels. Be very careful to take off only a little bit of material. I filed on mine for a bit and that allowed a number of cars to better cross those turnouts. Also, check the grab-irons of every car and engine to see it they clear all the parts of the turnout. I had several diesels and cars that went around the whole track fine but wouldn't go over the turnouts and that was the culprit. I adjusted the irons and no more problems. I have a few cars though, mostly Athearn products, that really don't like backing over the turnouts. Haven't figured it out yet...guess it's time to break out the magnifying glass. I also had a problem with one diesel that had just enough residual plastic on the bottom of the fuel tank that would hang up on the turnout, this was fixed with filing down that plastic smooth with the rest of the tank. There's some ideas...hope it helps. Also, if you're planning on ballasting the EZ track, that can be done too...just add some carpenters glue to the white glue/water mixture. I found the ballast slid down the sides of the plastic grade but adding a bit of carpenter's glue thickened up the mixture and the ballast stayed where I put it - even on the sides. Here's a picture of the ballast and weathered EZ track. (I still plan on darkening the rails just a bit more to get a more even color and making improvements to that crossing.)

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