B&O Caboose sighting!!!

Discussion in 'The Real Thing- North America' started by NSES44DC, Mar 15, 2007.

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    Yesterday, on my way to my new job in Medina, I go through a small town called Erhart. Its in ohio..well there is an apple orchard or something that seperates the road from the tracks and over top of the trees I spotted an all blue, B&O marked bay window caboose, behind two GP40's. Very neat site. Up the road there is also two small tressles and one is wooden and really neat to drive under. One of these days I will take my camera and get some pix for you guys. Deja Vu happened on the way home through Elyria, as i got caught by this train, which apparently runs up into Lorain. Usually ive seen it with the CSX Saftey First Operation Roadblock caboose or an old old old Chessie but not B&O so it was really cool to see. I work near a lot of tracks in Medina too. Wheeling and Lake Erie is the main road that ive seen there. I'll snap some photos for you guys soon!
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    Are you talking about the CSX caboose that the guys out at the Lester depot repainted in B&O colors? You can usually see it sitting next to the deopt in Lester. There are two small bridges on the northern legs of the Wye if I remember right. I've got some good pics of it @ home. I'll post them later.
  3. railohio

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    That would be exactly it, I'm sure. The CL&W crosses some roads near Medina on the kind of trestles he describes.
  4. NSES44DC

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    Im not too sure where Lester is...but i see it a lot sitting on a siding near Erhart off Spieth Rd. Im sure its the one you guys are talking about tho. Just a beauty to see go by. Especially looking inside and seeing them nice leather seats. lol They did a great job with it. I was just shocked to see a B&O caboose. lol Its pulled by csx engines, im not sure if its tied into the W&LE or not. I gotta get my map of Medina/Lorain out and see where the tracks lead to.
  5. brakie

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    Well I know where a old Erie caboose is still being use..Its being use in Marion(Oh) and has been for at least 6 or 7 years.
  6. railohio

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    It's a former New York Central caboose, I believe, that was painted by the E-L Hysterical Society a few years back. It has not, however, carried that E-L paint the entire way through.
  7. brakie

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    I know a on line Erie fan that says its a old Erie hack..I believe he's correct because the caboose in question has a full bay.
    This video was sent to me by my friend Chris.As you can see it has a full bay and looks like the Erie caboose on display at the station.



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