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  1. absnut

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    It's great getting bqack into the swing of things!:mrgreen: I started this project nearly 3 years ago but came to a screeching halt after most of the cosmetic work was done because hot wiring the centipede tender to get enough juice to run it stumped me. A suggestion from another board member triggered the solution and today, I ran it around the layout. It's one of those "close enough" things for me since the prototype isin't available in N.... haven't even seen it in brass. The B&M R-1-d was, purportedly, the heaviest Mountain class built in North America. I started with a new version bachmann Northern, reduced the boiler length, swapped out the trailing truck for a Delta type, and after much searching, added a centipede tender which, I can happily say, now collects electricity from the rails for the electrically challenged Northern. A few cosmetic items filled out the illusion.


  2. doctorwayne

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    Nice work on that loco, Dick, and a very imaginative use of resouces. I've always liked the look of the prototype, and, while I'm certainly no expert, yours looks credible to me. :thumb::thumb: That's also a nice-looking roster that you've got to go along with your latest creation. :-D

  3. COX 47

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    Nice job on engine....Cox 47
  4. bigsteel

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    nice loco,i couldnt imagined doing that in N scale! but i see its joined a rather large fleet of locos huh :rolleyes: !--josh
  5. absnut

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    Thanks, gents, it ws a fun project.


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