Automated assemblyline = automated layout!

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    Happy New Year's All:

    Now nice I have caught your attention, you may be wondering what I am talking about. I have a friend who is a Ham Radio Operator, KE9SE, and an automated electronic engineer in the Green Bay, Wisconsin. He came over before Christmas to see my trains.

    He was walking around the layout asking questions. Telling me his Dad was into Lionel and HO. He stopped for a moment and thought. He said,"Oh my God. A model train is like an automated assembly line!" With some spare parts at work, he automated my signalling system!

    I told him about DCC and how you can run your trains by computer.

    "Very interesting"' said Dan.

    While I was in Tennessee for Christmas, Dan emailed me. He said once he clears out alot of his old radio and electronic stuff out of the basement. He is going to put up a layout. He said he will use DCC,a computer, and automated assemblyline method. This will be a great project to follow. I will have to get him on The Gauge to tell everyone how it works!

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    :thumb: Good stuff Andy,, waiting now to see how this unfolds.
    Is`nt it great sowing seeds.:D :D
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    Thanks Garry for the link. Great ideas:thumb: :thumb:

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