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    It's hard to make out any damage in the picture but I've seen what those things can do in the sand. I've always been an avid off road motorcycle rider myself but I believe in "treading lightly." There are those that give the rest of us a bad rap... as in anything.
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    i see why the railroads want them off the ballast,that's like washing out the ound the ties sit on.could you imagine the derailments that could cause.--josh
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    a lot of the problem to is once the police do make an arrest a lot of the judges will just let the offenders go with just a slap on the wrist and nothing more. so untill the judges take the law seriouly and realize how much of a problem it is, there is not a whole lot that can be done.
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    Hm yes serious problem, expensive fix. Here's a cheap remedy (not sure if and how many roads cross this particular bit of line) chainlink fence to cordon off the railroad property. Not practical I hear you say ? OK how about even cheaper fix, old railroad ties strewn about ATV trafficked area ? How about a compromise ? If RR CO owns 30 feet either side as per news article, why not put dedicated path on one side of the tracks in last 5 feet of the RR Co's property, 25 feet of clearance from the tracks should not cause the undermining to reoccur. Some signs warning of consequences for non compliance with said pathway should deter the responsible ATV people. The irresponsible ones who ignore the warnings and the generosity of the RR deserve all they get (fines and confiscation).
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    Slekjr. Although I meant this as a general disposition to encourage chat, I was not advocating any one approach. But as you asked with specifics I will answer, and trust me as you asked, it will be the true and non-pc reply :) If someone were tearing across my own personal yard I would put up the fence I advocated in the initial post. OK so lets presume that I can't for some reason, i.e some retarded by law in the neighbourhood association or whatever, I'd probably put up a washing line, you know the old fashioned type before tumble dryers. Or I might dig a nice new ditch to put in inground sprinklers, "No, no your Honour it had to be 4 feet deep and filled with pungee sticks". Now yes I totally agree with you and your implications about violator's rights, we are a sue happy nation and I am left scratching my head sometimes as to the inane decisions handed down by our judges. Yes I know I would be sued and the little so-and-so would probably win, but a guy can dream up evil plans can't he "Number 2, muhaha"
    I would worry about the risk of one of my own employees tripping on one of the 'discouragement ties' laid on the ground , however every job is dangerous, although I can't quote the figures I rememebr reading some years ago that more people die in offices (tripping on electrical cables, phone cords etc, electric shocks to rear ends while photocopying :) etc than other 'dangerous' jobs. Oh and an employee who had been warned and signed off on an 'unusual environment area' e.g like I had to when I worked a few nights on the railway back in England for a friends construction firm, who had the contract to lift, reballast, and relay the tracks through level crossings. (I drove the self propelled tamping machine to the areas where bigger machines could not go.) I was warned, don't touch the overhead lines, if you do you'll die, and if you should by some miracle survive, there will be a bill for about 2million dollars to replace the overheads. Watch out for reversing machinery, presume they can't see you.
    All I was advocating is several different levels of solution, from outright shutdown of access, to a limited access solution. Somewhere there has to be a way to stop this unrealistic drain on the RR's resources. If it comes to it I'll come up to Ohio and help you dig the hole for the machine gun nest (tongue very firmly in cheek !!!) for the lawyers. If none are watching, then is monday night about 1am good for you ?
    Regards, Mike.

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