Atlas Scenic Ridge Track Pack

Discussion in 'N / Z Scale Model Trains' started by Killer R2, Mar 29, 2007.

  1. Killer R2

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    I'm currently new to this, and I've decided on making my own perminant layout for a while, and I just can't think of anything that I like, and this looks like a good start. Is the Atlas Scenic Ridge Track Pack a good thing to start with as a breginer? Thanks
  2. Killer R2

    Killer R2 New Member

    Oh, and I'm really not that sure if the pack comes with or without scenery. If not, o.k., if so, great.
  3. SR39

    SR39 Member

    Killer R2

    I am in the process of building the Scenic Ridge layout. The layout comes in three parts. The first is the layout itself wihich consists of foam risers, printed track plan on 1/2 inch foam, glues, pins, plaster cloth etc. The second part is the Atlas track. It does not cme with scenery. That is part of the first unit. The third unit is the Town and Factory building kit which consists of 13 DPM buildings. Hope this helps.

  4. cidchase

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    Hi KillerR2 or SR39, I would be interested to know your total cost for all three components.
  5. fifer

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