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Discussion in 'FAQs' started by bellybomber3, Feb 26, 2006.

  1. bellybomber3

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    I am having trouble with derailments on my atlas switches. When the loco runs over the switch the front truck goes through fine but the back truck follows the wrong track (it turns). Is there a known problem that I am not aware of? Is it common to add weight to the loco to hold them on the track better?
  2. Tom, If it involves all your turnouts but just the one loco, then I would check the locos truck first, it might need a little weight. Dosn't seem it would be the turnouts, if more than the one loco derails at all the turnouts, I would blame the switches. What model and # of Atlas are they ? What type and brand of Loco are we talking about ? A check of the wheels with the NMRA gauge would also be advised. I have over 50 Atlas code 100 4's & 6's Mark 2 & 3s having never had problems with them some twenty years now I have alot of faith in Atlas switches. . Several have had the frog wore down so much they then had to be replaced. Joe :wave:
  3. bellybomber3

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    Unfortunatly, I only have one loco at this time. It is an Athearn diesel. Not sure of model until I get home and check it.
  4. Clerk

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    I had that problem with one engine. All the rest went through this switch ok. This one engine went throiugh the rest of the switches fine. After inspecting the switch with a small magnifier I foiund that the switch was slightly curved and the switch point had a very small gap. It was just big enough to catch the truck and run it the other way. I soaked the ballast with water to soften the glue and pushed the rail over just enough to close the gap. It worked.
  5. jwmurrayjr

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    You might check the rear truck to make sure it's true to gauge.
  6. GeorgeHO

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    The problem could also be caused by the lack of a spring in the switches. A lot of people bend paper clips to create a spring to force the points against the rails. If you are not using anything to hold the switches closed, the Atlas switches could easily open up on you. Maybe someone knows if that technique has been explained here on the Gauge.
  7. bellybomber3

    bellybomber3 New Member

    I think I have found my problem. It appears to be in the loco, one of the wires going to the dcc board is binding and not allowing the truck to turn completely. My LHS pointed this out to me as well as one to the wheels was not spaced correctly.
    Thanks for the help,

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