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Discussion in 'N / Z Scale Model Trains' started by seanm, Oct 30, 2004.

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    So I have been testing Atlas code 55 rail with my rollingstock and engines. I have mostly Kato and Atlas engines and Microtrain truck rollingstock. The Kato's seem to all work fine. The Atlas are hit and miss and seem to be related to Gauge problems on the wheels which I should be able to adjust.

    I tested some MT low profile wheel replacements and they work fine. I was thinking of going to metal wheels though for cleaning reasons...

    Atlas has listed metal wheelsets for MT trucks.. but they seem to be scarce as hens teeth! I would like a BIG bunch of them. Any idea when these will be available or where there are some now? See nothing about them on the Atlas site... unless I missed it.

    Also, how to these wheels react to permanent magnets fo the couplers?

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    i was able to get a few of these atlas axels. so far around 50 cars have mt trucks with atlas axles. they sound great, run well. unfortunately they tend to derail at turnouts. also running long trains on tight curves causes way more derailments than with the original mt axles (not low-profile).
    this doesn't answer your question but might give you some more informations.

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