Atlas Diesel Maintenance

Discussion in 'N / Z Scale Model Trains' started by RR_Son, Sep 16, 2007.

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    My son has been getting into N Scale as of recently. He has purchased two Atlas diesels, one new and one used at a train show. After running them for some time both are making a noise and are a bit noisier than they first started out.

    How often do you have to oil N scale engines and better yet, how do you oil them?

    Are there any other maintenance items to tend to? Wheel cleaning???

    Need your Help!
  2. Smoke

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    I think what you do in this situation is oil the gears. Let's see what others say but that's what I would do.

    Wheel cleaning won't make it any noisier, it will just run worse, more jerky most likely.

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    Usually the noise happens when the locos are brand new. This happens to almost all of them. Just may need some break in time. Just because the one loco was bought used, doesen't mean that it wasn't run for very long.
    Run the locos by themselves around the layout for about ten minuates or so. Then take it apart, clean the gears and re-lube. LaBelle makes lubes, and greases that are plastic compatible. A drop of light oil on the motor bushings too.
    Hope this helps.

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