Atlas Code 55 and Peco Code 55

Discussion in 'N / Z Scale Model Trains' started by cflava, Sep 7, 2004.

  1. cflava

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    I am still in the planning stages of my N-scale model railroad layout. I have been in this for around three years now, at least in n-scale and although I am joining the local club to run my locos, I can't be there everyday. I have decided that I like the atlas code 55 track for its look and cost. I do wonder if I tried peco code 55 switches if they would first look awkward together and second if running atlas SD-35's would produce a problem on the turnouts. I have heard that six wheel trucks don't do well on some switches. Please shed some light.
  2. I might be mistaken, but I believe the Peco code 55 is actually code 80 rail thats just embedded deeper into the ties, so it may not be compatable with Atlas code 55. I know Peco & Shinohara and Kato and Atlas and Lifelike and Bachmann are all compatable in code 80

    As for the 6 axles, they should work on #6 and higher turnouts (so the code 55 #7's should work OK)
  3. Waytech

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    My layout is all Atlas c55 and most of my turnouts are #5's.

    I have no troubles with any of my locos. I run 4 and 6 axle diesels, 3 and 4 drive axle steamers.

  4. sschaer

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    i used peco code55 on my layout. tough and reliable track. no problems so far with any diesel loco going over switches. some steam locos might have tracking promblems on tight switches.
  5. cflava

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    I think that whatever I use, it would be in my best interest to keep the track uniform. I have read other inquiries about different kinds of track being typical in real real railroads, but since there can be such a compatiblity conflict between these two very different and distinct rail/tie combinations, I will keep the switch and mainline track the same. I haven't really decided officially yet but since I will be using flex track I can custom make my curves and straightway with confidence that it can work. I must say though, although the atlas code 55 looks better and is much more affordable, the peco 55 is more rigid, and the switches stay open and closed like no other. I would feel much more confident about the atlas if I could find a way to ensure that as the switches are moved from one position to the other, that they stay with a good connection. The last thing I want is for my track to short and my trains to derail. I have looked into caboose industries' ground throws. They look cool, but they are so big for N-scale and you have to have some generous room in order to place them near the switch. In most layouts that are 4 X 8 space is not easily compromised. Any suggestions?

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