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Discussion in 'N / Z Scale Model Trains' started by highflyinguy, Feb 8, 2007.

  1. highflyinguy

    highflyinguy New Member

    I have tried to contact Athern trains to find out if and when or if they plan to continue to make the N sacle Overton passenger cars. They have not responded for a few weeks. Is there anyone out there that knows ?

  2. Collyn

    Collyn Member

    I just got a set a month ago. Have you been haveing trouble finding them or what?
  3. highflyinguy

    highflyinguy New Member

    Coyllyn, Yes, I was trying to order thru local hobbyshop in Longmont. They order thru Horizon and were told all Overtons were on back order, undetermined when Athern was going back into production on them. I was looking for two Overton Denver Rio Grand passenger cars. I plan to use them on a Bachman 4-4-0 American. Also was looking for a couple of stock cars that would look right with that set up. Just wanted an old time short train. It seems like when Roundhouse sold to Athern now distibuted by Horizon, they dropped a lot of the old time rolling stock from Roundhouse.
    I plan on attending the train show in Estes Park " Rails Along the Rockies" on the 18th. May look for cars there or talk wth N guage people to see whats available.
    I have a small 4x8 board in a old time foothills scene.
    Would concider ordeing via mail with a company that takes money orders, I don't use plastic.
  4. pgandw

    pgandw Active Member


    Athearn has always done batch production. They run a batch of a particular model in several road names. When the supply dires up, they do another batch. With Horizon in charge, the batches seem to be smaller, and apparently dependent on hobby shop pre-orders. Athearn/Horizon have publicly stated they will rerun models for which they have enough demand.

    The best way to create the demand is to have your hobby shop place your order. Horizon is a distributor as well as a manufacturer, and so counts pre-orders from hobby shops as the primary indicator of demand.

    Unfortunately, very few manufacturers can afford to produce much in the way of excess stock anymore. Nor can hobby shops afford to carry a lot of slow-moving merchandise when they have to compete against on-line stores. The price competition, and competition for investment dollars has made fast-moving, minimum stocks and just-in-time batch production the favored business model.

    While these policies make it difficult to get the models we want when we want them, the same policies also have given us the best overall selection, quality, and lowest price/quality item the hobby has known.

    just my thoughts
  5. highflyinguy

    highflyinguy New Member

    Fred, very good reply. I'm relitevily new to model trains. My main hobby is flying model airplanes and have gotten use to a plentiful supply of every item I need instanly.
    I will order thru my new local hobby shop and wait for a new batch of cars.
  6. umtrr-author

    umtrr-author Member

    You might want to throw your search net a little wider. For example, TrainWorld/TrainLand has been advertising Overton sets in N Scale; although they may be Roundhouse leftovers I believe they were quite cheap. There are other net retailers or large "click and mortar" shops that might still have them in stock. (No affiliation with any of them.)

    I can also understand wanting to stay loyal to your local hobby shop, but it might mean waiting a while.
  7. highflyinguy

    highflyinguy New Member

    Just located what I want at N Scale Supply in Denver, about 50 miles from me.
    I wanted to give the new mom and pop hobby shop in my town some busniss. Really good old couple who have been in the hobby busniss for a lot of years. Just relocated in my town to be closer to their grandkids. Their just getting started and have much of the right stuff for my model airplanes. I could have waited, but when I saw N Scale Supply had the cars I was looking for at a good price, I figured at least I'll keep the bucks in Colorado, local shop. Plus they will take a money order.
    Years ago when we had an R/C plane shop in town, guys started to get stuff from Tower Hobbies when the first started, drove the local guy out of busniss. Try to get a tube of glue, help or advice on Sunday morning from Tower Hobbies. You could from the local guy.
  8. Collyn

    Collyn Member

    So you want exactly what I have.sign1I just took this pic quickly so it is not the best.

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  9. highflyinguy

    highflyinguy New Member

    Yes Indeedie, Thats the ones, should receve mine next week. thanks for picture, looks just fine to me. N-Scale also has some overland cars, ordered a 4 pac for my Mikado.
    Two old time frames will be alternanted on track.

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