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  1. T.K.Marletter

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    THANKS to Pat miller (wt&c) for finding a host for these pics

    Chessie System SD40-2 #7603
    Chessie System SD40-2 #7603. I was lucky to walk away with a broken arm. Ran into the middle of an opposing train that was entering a siding(moving towards my train). the other train had runa red, I hit it at 30 mph.
    B&O GP7 # 5603 waiting for an assignment. Thius is the very engine I almost had as a manned runaway when the Bearings went flat exiting cumberland.
    C&O GP7 # 5831 awaiting the torch in Huntington,WV

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  2. wt&c

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    No problem, tim.
  3. Woodie

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    Touche..... me too. [​IMG]

  4. Dave Hagan

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    They seem to be using an anti-leech cgi script to prevent the pictures from showing.
    To view the pictures copy and paste each URL into a new browser window. Clicking on them simply brings up their default logo.

    Dave Hagan
    The Gauge

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  5. T.K.Marletter

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    sorry I have no idea what the heck is going on, I just did what ahd usually worked with a couple pics I had on trainboard, it worked.
  6. Woodie

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    somebody done something? I get the pics in the original post showing up now.... Except for the last one, it is still the logo.


  7. Virginian

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    Well, all I get are white boxes with"Image hosted by Angelfire" and the aggelfire url. Is it my machine, should I log onto Angelfire or are you havin' problems similar to mine of some weeks back...the details of getting hosted images posted here.
    Lookin' forward to seeing your pics, one way or the other.
    What say you, Dave Hagan...any help??
  8. Woodie

    Woodie Active Member

    worked that one out. If you have loaded the pics separately, ie "cut & paste" the URL into a NEW browser session, the pic remain in your browser "cache". Re-visit the post, and the pic will display in their original pos, due to the fact your browser if fetching them from the CACHE, not the original site. The file name is exactly the same, so it gets the images from cache instead. For Internet Exploder, check "tools" "options" and on temp files "settings" Look at "check for new versions". IF this option is set, then your browser will compare date/time stamps of files referenced on the net. If they are the same is the "file" in your cache, it will use the cache version of the file and NOT download the file from the internet. If the version on the net is a newer version, then it will download it.
    Hope this is easy to understand.


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