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    I would epoxy cardboard, like a harness, to hold the magnet to hold it in place. Glues and Epoxy's are mechanical attachments, and can come loose.
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    I used to build Laser Cubes used for the alignment of production lines. These things cost $80,000 dollars a piece. The prisms inside where held in by a proprietary epoxy system, I have never see anything like this. However, if you dropped oe of these cubes onto a concrete floor, the prison would break loose. I suggested a simple aluminum bracket, held in with machine screw, and the epoxy was poured over the bracket and the prism. When dropped, the prison no longer broke lose, and there was no evidence that the epoxy had lost it's grip. I believe the bracket adsorbed the initial shock and this allowed the epoxy to continue it's bond. The problem was that the epoxy was so strong, it was brittle, there was an exchange of electrons between the glass and the metal, so when it broke off, the plate and the prism had to be discarded, meaning complete reconstruction of the laser alignment cube. Just another fun fact. ;)
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    That's way too cool! Thanks for sharing this Z!

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    Thanks for actually reading my blathering. :)
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