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Discussion in 'FAQs' started by pennman, Sep 7, 2006.

  1. pennman

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    Ok guys not, not sure if I'm in the right place.
    ANyways building a city layout and need to put my track in roads, just not sure how to do it? any suggestions will be welcome.
    Btw I model Nscale.
  2. jim currie

    jim currie Active Member

    never done it in N but in Ho I have put a thin strip of plastic next to the rail on the inside and just poured plaster in a form after plaster is set remove strips. .
  3. shaygetz

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  4. spurline

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    :thumb: Looking to put track into asphalt and or concrete can be perplexing at times,may I suggest from the Walthers Catalog the following information.

    Try the street track insert set.
    # 933-3140 $17.98 per set.
    Sized to fit code 83 track
    included in the set is straight sections,plus pieces for 15 18 and 22 inch radius,and parts to fit # 4 and 18 inch turnouts.

    the street system in concrete 933-3138 $12.98
    Hope this helps
  5. Herc Driver

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    In a might try 600 grit wet sandpaper to size up what you need. That grit in black looks pretty convincing in N scale for asphalt - and allows you to play around with your roadways until you find just the right fit and dimensions. I've used sandpaper for between the rails for grade crossings...they stay in place and look pretty good. You can also weather sandpaper with chalks or just use your vehicles to make tire marks. Cardboard inserts from many products like shirt boxes and such looks good for concrete and again, you can cut it till you get just the right shape before moving to something like a plaster or store-bought roadway system. Noch makes an adhesive roadway that I've tried and have on my layout (until I take it up for something better). It is tricky to use but looks good and takes chalk weathering really well.
  6. Bill Pontin

    Bill Pontin Member

    Jim, I was able to do it in N scale but it is a very tedious cleaning job. I used drywall compound since it cures slowly and is easily worked. I spread and smoothed the compound right over the track, level with the top of the rail. I then took a junk freight car and pushed it along the track after the compound skinned over or set up slightly. Drywall compound is easily worked with a damp sponge after it drys. I have not done it, but a friend told me later that if I had placed a thread on the inside of the rail, before I spead the compound, that cleaning the inside of the rail would have been easier. He did not say how you would keep the thread in place, something I will have to play with next time.
  7. pennman

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    ashphalt roads

    Hey guys been looking and tring all of your ideas over the past few days. I want to thank yall for the imput
    I've used the 600 grit paper for raods before and wiil continue to do so I think it works well, especially when you krinkle it up and produce cracks and detail it.

    Have since ordered the road inserts want to see if they look better than just styrene cut to fit, just not happy with that look at all.

    Now the drywall mud idea is working just cant seem to find a good way to get it to release from the rails, I even tried a piece for roads takes paint well and if you let it set for a while you can carve and cut as needed for detail.

    Again anymore suggestions and ideas welcome, and thank yall for repling,
  8. jim currie

    jim currie Active Member

    have you tried the strip of plastic next to the rails, on maybe a piece of small string coated with wax.
  9. pennman

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    Was working on the string thing now, have to get some thick like button string or even maybe a type of dental floss. When I get that far I'll let yall know.
    The plastic strip didnt work real well and rolling a car over the track compressed the plaster down to the tracks and made a mess. So that one is in the scrapper.LOL but we are still trying.
  10. jim currie

    jim currie Active Member

    being in N carpet thread should work :) I never tried the plastic strip in dry wall mud (is sticky)it worked well in hydracal though.

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