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  1. chapsy

    chapsy Resident Brony

    Hello All,

    I recently stumbled upon a link to this person's site, and offered to purchase the model from them. However, they suddenly changed their mind a few days before I was going to pay and decided not to sell it anymore...something about "not feeling right about selling it," but he also didn't want to share it.
    Since there's no possible way to get this model anymore through normal means, would anyone here have the model and be willing to share it? Or at the very least some ideas how to go about buying it?
    I'm a huge transformers nerd, and the paper-replika Optimus Prime is part of my collection. I have his robot heroes style jazz and soundwave, but those are simple little models, this is a 30 page monster that is fully transformable!
    attached are some pics to show the model I'm looking for.
    It would be very unfortunate to lose this model to the internet. Hopefully someone can come through. I'd be very grateful!

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  2. Zathros

    Zathros Guest

    That's very interesting. You're lucky you found out ahead of time! It is a great looking model. There has been some problems lately with an outfit who's name I won't mention, maybe the work is not his own? I do not know this, but it may be worth looking into it a little further to see if it turns out somewhere else.
  3. chapsy

    chapsy Resident Brony

    I think I know what place you;re talking about, as I often check for new models there myself and offer tips and advice to newbies.
    I doubt this model will pop up anywhere at my usual avenues, would you or anyone else have some connections I could use to come closer to legitimately purchasing this?
  4. Zathros

    Zathros Guest

    I don't know of any. You might have to do an extensive Google Search. It doesn't mean one isn't out there though. Sometimes you have to dig into the site, not just Google's search result. I'll keep an eye out though. You never know!

    UPDATE: Read this page for some info on an Optimus Prime being built:
  5. rysjin

    rysjin New Member

    Th' prolific pirating of other designers papermodels is a major problem in this hobby unfortunately. It is up to us ta expose an inform about people who claim others work as their own for profit or without consent an don't care about giving credit to th' original designer who created it. Hopefully this is not th' case an th' designer decided not to share his papermodel cause of th' fear of piracy.
  6. Zathros

    Zathros Guest

    The model offered in this thread must be considered a pirate model as the designer does not wish it distributed. That's final.
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