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Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by jr switch, Dec 29, 2007.

  1. jr switch

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    I had mentioned in another thread, that I was going over to Arnies's in Westminster, to ask about the drawbar on my new Athearn 4-8-4. Didn't have time yesterday to really stay long enough, so went back today. Not only was Dave, more than helpful in answering my engine/tender concerns, but the owner is also extremely helpful. They also had three tables of HO, O, and N scale cars and some A/B units selling at give away prices. It seems to be a very well stocked store operated by helpful people. They are located on Edwards Ave in Westminster, California and well worth a bit of a drive to get there. -------JR
  2. CCT70

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    I've got to get out more when I travel, I was just in Westminster for work not long ago, and didn't even think to check for train shops, heck, i never do. I always go with the mind set that I'm there to work, not on vacation, yet inevitably, I end up with loads of free time on my hands and sit in a Hotel room. :rolleyes:
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    Tom, don't know how often you are in the Westminster area, but it's a real good shop. ----Arnies's Trains, 6452 Industry Way, Westminster, Ca.---714/893/1015. They are close to the 405 Frwy and very easy to find, about a block down Edwards from the Westminster Mall.

    John R
  4. CCT70

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    Not very often, but I do have a customer (Naval Weapons Station Seal Beach) near there and I stay in Westminster when I do. Thanks for teh address, I'll have to check it out.
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    If you have to travel on business and spend time in hotel rooms, in my opinion using the spare time to catch up on some modeling projects is a great use of time. A couple of years ago my wife was sent to Las Vegas for a week to attend a wound care class. I was on disability recovering from surgery at the time, so I drove up and stayed in the hotel with her. I spend all day working on model railroad projects while she was in class and after class while she did homework. After her home work was done, we went out to see some of the town. It was a great time for me. She liked it to as she became the hospital's wound care specialist and really enjoyed doing that work.

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