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    Well caught...Sorry for being off the grid these past couple of months, but my new/used computer had a bad power control module on the motherboard, which took me several months and hundreds of dollars to deduce as I eliminated all possibilities...Now, here's some new goodies for you:

    Incredible paper marines:

    Ultra(73 MB):

    Raven Guard:

    Chaos (Word Bearers):

    Rangarock MK1

    Guwp N1

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    Beroc, I just got the files....thanks!
  4. silveroxide

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    Thanks for the downloads. They are still kind of small for me but I have been thinking of building them larger and this gives me that opportunity to make them star wars figurine size. Thanks for sharing.
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    I'd like to see a step by step for those...
  6. silveroxide

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    I am presently working on a space marine and using these as a base. There are some tricky curves, like in the shoulder pads and the helmet. I hope to start soon. as a sneak preview, here is what is in store. hopefully my thread will help in building the wonderful figures uploaded by Armorman.

    marine 2.jpg
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    Interesting infantry! Do not know why not glued))
  8. Dented Rick

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    Anyone have any clue on any instructions for the GUWP N1? Id love to micronize and add that to my collection....but ive been studying the parts for a long time, and no clue for almost half of them
  9. silveroxide

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    The beta build is done. I have to work on some details. the leg armor is still off and the helmet is too cylindrical. These are two items I have to work with. Over all, it came out better than expected and when the build begins, it will be on a separate thread. I used some of the above details and some of my own. The model is about the same size that GW came out with and still has on special orders a while back. I believe that that series were called EPIC. I kind of like this size, not too small and not too large but leaves room for detailing. Here is a size comparison with the GW figure. See you all soon with more an my build thread.






    I like the build, but to clarify, epic figures were 6mm in height (I want to see you build one that size, Silver). The 54mm size was their foray into a D&D style series that fizzled >Edit< it was called "Inquisitor"
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    Thanks for the clarification Armorman, and no, that is way too small for me.
  12. Dented Rick

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    i might be able to build 6mm
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    Jeez, I never check your (ARMORMAN) threads because I figure their fine (probably the only one I do this with!) .....sigh........we don't want models posted in the threads themselves. Also, the links to these services has caused some problems for us. These models can be hosted here. They are obviously up for grabs, and if they disappear, we'll have them in our "Resource Center".

    These models have to be uploaded. It's ARMORMAN's thread, but now with out MODERATORS doing that which should not be happening, make it a joint effort, and get them into the "Resource Center". Send me P.M.'s with any concerns. I guess I will have to ead every single post now? Bill, get them uploaded, these and any others in this thread. Silveroxide, you can help Bill (ARMORMAN) get these up.

    I created the 40K subsection to NOT have this happen, remember? Models can be searched for easier in the "Resource Section", rather than digging through pages of posts, C'mon guys!!

    Clean this up before you post any more models. Again, any questions, send me a P.M. (or Bill,and Silver, call me at home, if you wish to). You guys just walked on my new rugs with your Boots covered with models!! Thanks for understanding. No models are to be posted in THREADS, only in the "Resource Section".

    Links to models temporarily unapproved.

    The Heavy

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    Silver, with my computer still fritzing out, I have not had a chance to look through the marine files. Are they vector or .jpg? Also, let me know when you have them all grouped and I'll take a set and send them back to the Ukrainian boys.
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    Armorman do You know are they prepairing any new papercrafts??


    Your question is a bit generic. can you be more specific?
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    Well, I had 3 hrs. to sleep on it and have sorted it out in a concise manner, as follows:

    Any model that can be downloaded from Depositfiles and be hosted on this site should be (downloaded, then uploaded to this site), if it is not known if it can be hosted here, then post al ink to the place where the "Deposit Files" link came from.

    Any model that can be had from a Dropbox File, or facsimile thereof, is to be uploaded to Zealot's Resource Center. We cannot, for reasons I cannot go into have direct links t those kind of file deposit systems. Any model uploaded, and then later has been found out, by it's author, that they do not want us to have it in our Resource Center, (as long as they can prove they are the author, (your word on that is good a Gold for me, either way), I will remove said model, and offer my extreme apologies, and I will be bending over very deeply and humbly while doing this: [​IMG], most sincerely.

    I do not want any models in any threads, no matter what. It was a massive effort to transfer the Database, and the forum will be run in this manner. This way, every model can be found easily by the forum's search engine, or the link to the "Resource" area you uploaded it too. You can upload massive files here. If for some reason, you cannot upload such a model to the forum, send it to my home, and I will do it for you, (as you send me all these links, I never have had to look into your threads and my unshakeable faith and trust in you, fortifies that reasoning, it still does.

    O.K.? So, a simple "Reductio ad Obsurdum",............ no models or links, zips, rars, etc. that open directly to the models are to be in any threads (those direct links, you download, then upload here). We want the "Resource" itself, not a link to one that might possibly be run over by a "tank incursion", if you know what I mean.

    "Give me the model not link to model, or give me death!!" A great Administrator once said.

    This also make is easier for members to get the actual models, and not have to wait for 10 minutes to half an hour, to download a model. The "Dropbox" type sites are not allowed, those you send to people by P.M.s to disseminate.

    I will be happy to elucidate more, if you wish, but let's do it over the phone, or by P.M., O.K. my friend. It's just a matter of housekeeping, administering, basically how I will keep this site arranged, as it greatly aids to our administering of it. Remember that massive 40K thread that I closed way back then. Everyone got mad at me, then a week later, I go around 100 P.M.'s saying it was a good action to have taken. I do not want any of these subsections turning into a facsimile of that massive 40K thread, where a lot of the links no longer worked, and the models became more difficult to find, it's better if we just have the models here. If I have to take a model down, because an author complains, then I will, no harm done.

    Also, no one will be penalized in any way shape or form if by accident they upload a model they should not have, (unless it is extremely obviously done with malicious intent) I will remove the model and probably not even send a P.M., unless someone asks me why it's gone. It's worked 100% so far, 100% , and no problems. [​IMG]


    p.s. This goes for EVERYBODY. I have contacted others in the last 24 hrs. about this issue. :)
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    Thread is back up. :)
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    Hey who said you could monkey around with my models? :)
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    There Bitmap

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