Apollo 12 capsule

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    I finished this one up somewhat recently, it was 1/32 scale IIRC, but I forgot where I downloaded it from. The "kit" has full interior detail, (what do you mean, you can't see any of it?!) and had exterior skins for pre-flight, Apollo 7, and lunar Apollo flights. I decided to go with the lunar post-flight, trying to make it look like the way it does in the museums. For the heat shield, I used a coating of spackling compound that I painted grey, and then dry-brushed light grey. I really like the texture of the spackle in this usage, of course I don't touch it very often, but it does have a satisfactory feel to it, and I imagine the real heat shield would feel something like that, if I were so disrespectful as to reach out and touch it at the museum.

    The post-flight parachute section details were lacking in the "kit", so I added my own details. Another non-paper cheat, I used various bits of wire and other bits. For the 2 big drogue chute mortars in the front, I pulled out some Wave MSG option parts - thruster nozzles. It's a little bit too fancy, but I was happy with the look. For the 3 main chute tubes, I used empty tubes that hold anti-flea and parasite medicine for cats. I like the way they looked, when I put it on my cats I thought, "what cool looking tubes, I will have to find a model to use these on!" So I saved them...and finally found the perfect model to use them on!

    The hatch is held on with tiny magnets, for no good reason - it's not like you can see more of the interior detail if you take the hatch off! Oh well...

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    WOW! and I mean WOW!! If you ever remember where you got that from, please, send me a P.M., regardless of where!! I love these capsules, especially those with the Interiors! ;)
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    Wow! is right. That is an amazing model. Excellent build. Likewise, if you remember where you got it from please P.M. me as well. Really amazing work! :Bravo:
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    This looks FANTASTIC!!!
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    You can find ALL of Surfduke's models in the download section over at papermodelers.com
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    Thanks for looking that up. Since the time that I downloaded and printed out the model, I replaced my computer and couldn't find the download files anymore, or the link. I have them on the old hard drive, somewhere in the basement...
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    I downloaded everything I could! :)
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    I built this model probably about a decade ago now that I think about it. I was wondering whatever happened to Surfduke. He was in the works of making a Skylab model and the progress just stopped. Does anybody know what happened?
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    It's been around two years since his last post. I would like to hear from him gain, if not just to give a yell out and say "Hi!!". He is one of the icons in this hobby.
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  15. Carl (Surfduke) Hewlett

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    I like the addition of non paper elements.

    The Duke!
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    Carl, we could host anything you want here for s long or short as you wish. If you upload it, you can take it down without asking anyone. Send me a P.M. if that sounds interesting. You have a lot of models that people have asked for many times. We have a lot of peple hosting their works here. This way they don't have to pay for a website. ;)
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