Anyone Modeling The "GRAND TRUNK WESTERN"

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  1. Hello all, my title sum's up my question, I'm curious to see if anyone is currently modeling the GTW Railroad out of Flint Michigan, Detroit etc. or has in the past? Being an old Flintite, it would be interesting to see representation of that RR. I Googled it, and found plenty of information and Photo's of the Prototype, but nothing on Model RR'ing. I was able to find that Michigan Grand Trunk Western used Steam Locomotion up into the early 60's, and was one of the last in the nation to do so. I clearly remember when I joined the Marine Corps in 1961, taking an old steam powered locomotive from Detroit to Chicago, and until I found a site on Google, I have regularly heard that Steam Power wasn't around much after the late 50's, so I was begining to wonder if my memory was playing tricks on me, but then I remembered seeing a railroad employee being burned by a bursting steam line. Oh well if anyone is modeling the GTW, it would sure good to hear from you. sign1
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    I have a memory of a photo of a club layout featuring the GTW in a 70's era issue of Model Railroader. It stuck in my mind because they included huge buildings representing auto manufacturing plants. I was impressed by that as a kid with my 4X8 in the bedroom. :) One of the last roads to use steam? Sounds like a great line to model!
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    Duey: looking at the Trackside Guide, there are a few ex-GTW steamers that were passed to museums or other users in 1960 and 61. Of course, this doesn't mean they were operated up to those dates. There's a date of 5/60 against a number of 8300 series 0-8-0s.
    I don't remember seeing any CN steam operated in Toronto area in 1960 and after except for excursions.
  4. Thank You for your input David, I don't know if this was a special, or an emergency situation or what, but I know in July 1961, there was a Steam Engine "Sorry I don't have the slightest idea what confiruartion" the engine was, as at that time, I had going to Marine Boot camp on my mind. and the only thing that brought to mind that it was a steamer was the employee getting burned by hot steam, and that stayed imprinted on my mind. Anyway I will always remember that I did get a chance to ride on a real Steam Engine Train. :p

    And Ralph, if you should ever happen to run across that magazine, I would highly appreciate a picture of the layout via E-Mail, I don't know if you keep your old magazines, but if you do, and happen to see it again, please memember me. Thank's Ralph
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    David, are you forgetting the 6060? She was the regular power on the Toronto-Niagara Falls-Toronto trips in the '70s, running in place of RDCs on Wednesdays and Saturdays. There was also a side-trip to Yager to turn the loco and train for the return trip. I don't recall if there was an extra charge for that, but the rest of the trip was at the normal rate for the RDC-powered trip.

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    I've heard that GTW used steam in commuter service around Detroit until 1961. It's one of a number of railroads for which I've heard conflicting dates for the end of steam.
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    I don't know about modeling...but as for preservation...the GTW 4070 has been sitting in Cleveland for a very long time. There are pacifics in both Jackson & Durand, MI. The Ohio Central operates are GTW 4-8-4. There are a few others around as well. There once was another GTW engine...a pacific I believe...which was cut up in Chicago some 30-40yrs ago after a legal fight over ownership. Those sorts of things happen (sadly).
  8. Great Information

    Thanx Dr. Wayne, that's mighty interesting information, would love to take a trip to Cleveland and take some pictures of the old girl, have seen the Pacific in Durand Mi., and wouldn't have missed it for the world. Thank You for sharing that tidbit.

    "Keep On Tootin"
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    My Dad had drawn up plans for a garage sized layout of the Holly Division. He was going to model from Durand, MI down to the C&O/PM diamonds at Holly, MI. We massaged the trackplan a bit and he started building his version of Durand's freight yard. After a while, he got tired of the entire project and quit. His layout, his choice. It was a lot of fun collaborating with him to get things "just right" for the towns and industries along that R.O.W. Now we just talk about street rods!:driver1:
    His modeling focus was during "The Last Breath of Fire"; mainline steam's last stand. BTW, that is a GREAT video for anyone interested in GTW and or steam action.

    Sorry for the chatty reply......returning to "lurker" mode :thumb:

    Regards from Ohio,

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    When I began railfaning 20 some years ago it was in Valparaiso IN and the GTW. Used to listen to them on the scanner, especialy when the got stuck on the "grade". Can't help you with the steam question though.

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