anyone havethe insides of the shuttles?

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    i've seen alot of models of the space shuttle, but none of them seem to have see through windows in the front. i was just wondering if anyone has ever done a model with n interior of the cock pit area of the shuttles? i jut think that it brings more of a sense of realism and life to the model when you can see into it.
  2. Hi, raser13.
    Unfortunately I have never seen an interior in paper or card for a shuttle. I am afraid you will have to scratchbuild it. There's a lot of photographic material available online and some drawings, too. At the NASA website there's a lot of reference material. For some guidance you could use the inside bulkheads for size and shape. Just one tip: Keep it simple. When you're done and the cabin hull is closed there's little left to be seen through these tiny windows.
    Also, the Revell 1/72 shuttle has an interior. Perhaps you can use the shapes to form something in paper. Then it's "just a little" scanning and resizing.
    Good luck!
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    I was going to mention the 1/72 monogram Shuttle too,
    I cut down some Subeuteo football players cut and re glued the arms and legs and painted them in the old blue suits,
    but the windows are so small its hard to see them inside :rolleyes:

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    To my knowledge there have been 2 card model shuttles with cockpit interiors.
    One is the Hobby Model 1-72 Columbia Space Shuttle and the other is the
    Betexa 1-72 Space Shuttle Atlantis.

    Hope this helps.
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    Space Shuttle Interior

    That's right, ritchieb,

    The Betexa model from The Czech Republic was the original detailed 1/72 scale model, after which Dr. Raimondo Fortezza made the series of 1/100 scale Italian MARSCENTER shuttles. This space shuttle (orbiter) model has the upper flight deck interior, with all the control panels, seats, inner walls and windows, etc. The model kit also contains landing gear assemblies and all the wheels, wheel wells, and wheel well doors. It's a superb card model, which has been built on this forum a couple of times.

    Betexa seems to have updated their entire web site, which is now also available in the English language. And here is the space shuttle (Raketoplán) Atlantis model, complete with the detailed Magellan Venus probe:

    I ordered this model a couple of years ago, when the web site stated it was out of print. They must have printed a new batch now. I paid the model via credit card - the shipment cost was OK and the delivery was fairly quick.

    Good luck!
    All the best,
    Bengt in Stockholm :thumb:
  6. They sell them at 250 koruna. That's a fair price, I say. About €10 or $13. And 1/72 isn't exactly small with a shuttle.
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    Hey Razer, if you are good with computers there is a program: Orbiter. It's a free downloadable simulator with all interiors you need for the shuttle.
    Is a matter to "go inside" the program and use the renderings...
    Good luck.
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