Anyone have this happen before?

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  1. ezdays

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    Briefly, we have laws designed to protect intellectual property, that's what copyright laws do. Someone works hard, spends time, money and resources to develop something, be it the written word, a song, a movie or a photograph and others have no more right to steal or use this property than they would to go into your home and take your furniture. And it shouldn't matter whether the people creating this work are professionals or not. I write articles for newspapers. You are free to read them either there or on the Net. You are not free to copy them for your use without my granting you permission, that's just the way things work.

    People also pay for the right to be on the Internet, we all do. If someone has a web site of any kind, they are paying for the right to let people see what they have. The more traffic they have the more bandwidth they use and normally, the higher the cost of being there are the results. That's an additional cost of doing business that will have to be paid by someone. There are sites that are there specifically to play host to anyone that wants to have their content show up as part of another site. They encourage direct linking, and usually anything on their site is open game, as was pointed out. Anyone posting there loses their rights of protection, but you know that going in. Most other sites are not as generous though. Direct linking uses up bandwidth of both the "host" and target sites and usually only benefits the target one. Creating a link on the other hand will also benefit the host site in that it will bring traffic to their site, and not just clip out a picture and post it elsewhere and as a result, not give credit to the originating site.

    A lot of sites will not permit direct linking, and have software to protect against it. We have it here as well. We want people to come here and visit, we do not want to be a host site for pictures. Walther's, Atlas and other dealers are no different. They don't want to be a host for pictures, they want people to stop by and see what they have and possibly buy something. Like most manufacturer's catalogs, they don't cost you anything, but they sure wish you spend some money with them as a result of looking.

    Just remember, everything in the Internet, on disk, on film or in books is protected unless it says differently. Remember also that the Internet itself is not free. Someone is paying for everything you see there.
  2. rogerw

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    Bet Al Gore didnt think of that when he invented it.:mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen:
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    Thats funny! they just changed the law, partly because of the Internet, so that copyright is assumed and implicit, so that the owner doesn't have to bother to do that, and still receives full copyright protection...
  4. ezdays

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    No, he was too busy looking to buy carbon offsets to justify his own excesses then to be concerned about things like that.:p :p
  5. maltedfalcon

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    flickr copyright

    That didn't seem correct to me so I went to check.
    Your statement is incorrect, the photographer still retains complete copyrights to his photos if posted on flickr.
    You are given the choice of keeping your copyrights, or using the creative commons license, which allows you to let people download your photos and use them, but you can specifiy business use- non business use etc.
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    That's exactly the same situation i have..... :) And i Always keep a copy of every pic I take... "just in case"
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    There was a big hubbub on YouTube about this issue, and YouTube decided to keep the copyright but PAY the person who created the content per click, Webshots (at least when i used it years ago) held the copyright to your images, kodak photo gallery also has some weird rules on images you upload. Kodak has had to change recently though and my belief is that is why they went to this "members only" method where you have to sign up and accept their disclaimer to view images.

    This idea of holding onto information drives me nuts, at work we have these people called "Information Trolls" who absolutely refuse to let go of information they believe validates their existence at their job. I try my best to convey the thought that if you hang onto something people want and don't give it up they will find an alternative to that info and eventually to you :eek:.

    Flikr may be the exception, but you keep poking around in those really long disclaimers these sites make you check off on when you join on and you will find that a great number of them take ownership of UGC (User Generated Content, the new buzz acronym in the internet circles) and give very little credit to the users who generate it.

    I don't claim to be a legal expert, nor would i claim to know what is in EVERY copyright or copyleft statement on every website on the internet, but since my experience w/ Webshots the sites i DO submit my content to i read the disclaimer carefully and if i don't agree i push on and submit somewhere else. I don't use flikr, and i barely use any of the social networking sites out there. I think i joined linked in or something a while back.

    I've recently started blogging on a technical website for my industry segment and i was amazed at how many places this stuff showed up. I was also amazed at how many people linked to the blog post and simply stripped the rest of the stuff around it out, making it appear as their own. I think that is what this thread is about, taking something and making it appear as your own w/o the proper credit. That i disagree with, and is why i've brought up the webshots issue because they took something that i thought was mine and made it appear as their own, even sold it w/o giving me credit.

    I must be passionate about this topic haha i don't think i've written so may words in posts hahahaa.sign1
  8. ezdays

    ezdays Out AZ way

    That's good, sometime a subject requires a lot of words to get you point or side of the story across. I am extremely pleased that this topic, as controversial as it is, hasn't gotten out of hand here. Bravo for everyone that is able to get the message out, and without even a hint of a ruckus. :thumb: :thumb: :thumb: :thumb:

    Along your line of thought, I did a search a few days ago, I can't remember about what, but as usual, I got a bunch of links. Of the first three pages on Google, I'd say two-thirds had the identical information, word-for-word. Now it's pretty obvious that someone generated that statement and a whole bunch of others chose to copy it. Not use it for research, not retype it, but copy/paste it and present it as if it were their own. Not even giving credit to the person or site they got the stuff from. After the third page, I gave up looking for new information on the subject. Now I would excuse it if this was an isolated incident, but it wasn't the first time this has happened to me and probably won't be the last either.
  9. Art Decko

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    Just for the record, Al Gore never said he invented the internet.

    He was misquoted, the misquote was then mischaracterized and propogated far and wide for political purposes (as were many similar fabricated Gore quotes).
  10. ezdays

    ezdays Out AZ way

    Good point, a quick search turned up what he actually said:

    "During my service in the United States Congress, I took the initiative in creating the Internet."

    I guess it was easy to construe "create" as "invent". It most certainly isn't the first time anyone was misquoted for political purposes and assuredly, it won't be the last either. It doesn't take much for a bunch of news reporters and broadcasters to jump and distort what was said or done or to blow up the smallest things, all in the name of "news". Many a career has been ruined because of this. Al Gore seemed to have survived this, many other prominent people, including Dan Quayle did not.
  11. MasonJar

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    I think that just makes it a little more unbelievable... I might buy that he had an idea for the internet or something resembling the internet, but to claim that he created it seems to imply that he actually went around stringing wire and installing servers... :confused:

  12. ezdays

    ezdays Out AZ way

    Yes, it's easy to see how some can misconstrue what he said, intentionally or otherwise. He might have better said that he was a proponent of the Internet and that he did what he could in congress to help it along. I think the general consensus is that it was a rather self-serving statement, ripe for the picking.

    I have my own opinions of Al Gore and of "that" and all other elections, but I choose not to share them right now.:mrgreen:
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    We dont need to start another global warming discussion or what ever that turned into awhile back.:mrgreen::mrgreen:
  14. ezdays

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    No, we shouldn't. But I rather wish we had a bit of that here right now. We actually had frost on the windshield yesterday and I could see snow on some of the mountains to the north of us as well. They are however, forecasting temps in the 70's for the weekend.:thumb: :thumb: Too bad those Super Bowl fans didn't stick around another week.:wave:
  15. rogerw

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    " Too bad those Super Bowl fans didn't stick around another week" So for the record Don you are saying you miss them already?:mrgreen:
  16. Russ Bellinis

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    Just think, Don, in July you will wish you had canned some of that frost to cool things off!
  17. ezdays

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    Noooo, too bad for them, not for us.:cry: :cry: Well, I think the restaurants, clubs and hotels might miss them, but us common folk sure don't.

    You got that right. I wish we could do like they used to back before refrigeration. Go up to the mountains, collect a lot of snow and ice and store it in bunkers to keep the beer cool in the summer. I think what I'd do is just sleep in those bunkers.:thumb: :thumb:

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